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Exploring Ultrasonic Cavitation As a Fat Removal Solution

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What is Ultrasonic Cavitation Treatment?

Ultrasonic cavitation, sometimes called ultrasonic lipolysis or ultrasound cavitation, is a noninvasive cosmetic procedure designed to remove fat deposits under the skin. It may also be known by specific brand names.

The treatment uses a handheld device emitting ultrasonic waves, penetrating the skin and breaking down fat cells. Over time, the fat cells' contents are emptied and eliminated from the body.

This procedure is marketed as a safer alternative to surgical options such as traditional liposuction. The treatment uses ultrasound energy, which does little to surrounding areas while aiming to cause fat cells to empty their contents. These are later processed by your body's lymphatic system.

How Does Ultrasonic Cavitation Work and Is It Effective?

During an ultrasonic cavitation treatment, the handheld device is applied to the skin. Once turned on, it delivers focused energy waves to the underlying fat deposits. These waves create a disruptive vibration to the fat cell membranes, causing them to release their contents. 

This released material is then metabolized by the liver and then removed from the body.

After a few days post-treatment, the fat cells are absorbed by the lymphatic system and removed from the body as waste.

It is hard to say just how effective this treatment is, as recent research is conflicted regarding its efficacy. Minimally invasive fat removal remains the best bet for patients looking to achieve anything more than a modest result.

Pros and Cons of Ultrasonic Cavitation

Because it is non-surgical, nurse practitioners, rather than trained surgeons, often administer the treatment.

Like other nonsurgical fat removal approaches, ultrasonic cavitation does not require incisions. That means it is easier to recover after treatment.

Here are the most notable advantages of ultrasound-assisted lipolysis:  

  • Noninvasive: Unlike traditional liposuction, ultrasonic cavitation does not require surgery, incisions, or anesthesia. It is safer and less painful alternative than invasive fat reduction.

  • Targeted fat removal: Ultrasonic cavitation is marketed as providing a precise targeting of specific problem areas like the belly, thighs, love handles, or arms. 

  • Quick and convenient: Each treatment session typically lasts 30 to 60 minutes, making it attractive for those with busy schedules.

  • No downtime: Unlike surgical procedures, ultrasonic cavitation requires no downtime, enabling you to resume your daily activities immediately after treatment.

On the other hand, results with this type of treatment are rarely dramatic and often require many sessions to achieve. Because fat is not physically removed, patients only achieve temporary results with ultrasonic cavitation.

That said, here are the main drawbacks of this treatment: 

  • Not customizable: Minimally invasive fat removal can remove fat in precise amounts. Ultrasonic cavitation does not provide anywhere close to that level of accuracy. 

  • Multiple sessions: Although they come with less recovery time, noninvasive treatments need up to six sessions to achieve results. This element also means prices can add up quickly.

  • Impermanent results: The results from ultrasonic cavitation are often temporary and can quickly reverse with weight gain. Diet and exercise are a must to keep your results.

  • No guarantees: With wide-awake liposuction procedures, you will see your fat removed through a small tube in real-time. However, it is not possible to know the exact amount of fat lost‌ with ultrasonic cavitation.

Candidates For Ultrasonic Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation suits individuals close to their ideal body weight and with localized fat deposits. It is not a weight-loss method, and it is not yet fully clear how well ultrasonic cavitation works.  

What To Expect Post-Procedure

Pain and bruising are usually minimal. After the procedure, you should drink lots of fluid to help your body flush out the fat cells' contents.

However, you should expect to wait a while for results to appear. Immediately after your visit, your body may feel swollen or bloated. Your body will need to break down and dissolve the loosened fat cells.

Repeated treatments may also be necessary to see visible results. Most candidates for this treatment see definitive results within 6 to 12 weeks. On average, treatments require up to six visits to see results.

AirSculpt® Fat Reduction Is A More Suitable Option

Ultrasonic fat removal, in general, isn't the most effective procedure for slimming down target areas of the body. That's because ultrasonic procedures do not physically extract fat from the body.

If you want to opt for a more effective form of fat removal, AirSculpt® procedures seamlessly extract fat directly from the body in a much less invasive manner than traditional surgery.

AirSculpt® procedures do not use scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia, significantly minimizing the downsides found in liposuction. Desired results are achieved through freckle-sized entry points with patients fully awake. This benefit reduces the risks of side effects from general anesthesia while allowing our surgeons to easily extract fat cells one by one.

Given the minimally invasive nature of AirSculpt®, patients can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. No large scarring
  2. A downtime of only 48 hours
  3. Natural-looking results
  4. Skin tightening and cellulite removal options
  5. Permanent results in one session

Call the AirSculpt specialists nearest you to schedule your free consultation and experience the next generation of body contouring. 


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