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AirSculpt® vs. Traditional Liposuction

What Makes AirSculpt® Permanent Compared to Nonsurgical Fat Removal?

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If you have an area of fat that diet and exercise haven't been able to reduce, you've likely considered the possibility of undergoing non-invasive fat removal. 

Non-invasive fat removal techniques can be applied to many different areas. The stomach, thighs, love handles, chin, back, and upper arms are just a few that can be treated.

Defining Non-Invasive Fat Removal

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved several devices for non-surgical procedures. Essentially, the bulk of non-invasive fat removal procedures utilize devices or specific injections designed to destroy fat cells, meaning that no form of invasive surgery is utilized.

Generally speaking, these devices use cold, heat, sound, or radiofrequency to destroy fat cells without injuring skin, nerves, or other body areas.

Yet, it's a process that takes weeks or months, or even several treatments, to begin seeing results.

Non-surgical fat removal is an external treatment, meaning that reaching fat is much more time-consuming and difficult than directly targeting it and physically removing it from your body. These procedures produce modest results and are considered ineffective for people requiring large areas of fat to be removed.

Are These Non-Invasive Results Permanent?

Fat cells do not regenerate. Once we reach adulthood, fat cells grow or shrink, but they will never regrow. That said, non-surgical fat removal doesn't remove fat cells from the body; it induces them to empty their contents, causing them to shrink. 

Therefore, with weight gain, these empty fat cells will quickly refill. Thus results can promptly reverse after a non-surgical fat removal procedure. 

How Do Results Compare to AirSculpt®?

AirSculpt® procedures are a minimally invasive form of fat removal. This approach directly removes fat cells rather than causing them to empty. Because fat cells do not regrow, this treatment will provide permanent results. 

Patients can have fat return to untreated areas if they do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. Still, newly achieved proportions tend to be preserved, as treated areas will expand much less quickly. 

AirSculpt® is capable of providing a dramatic difference by removing several liters of fat if needed. Other patients instead require targeted body contouring that accentuates their natural curves. Regardless of what you get done, AirSculpt® always uses no needles, scalpels, or stitches, and patients always remain awake.

What Makes AirSculpt® The Better Option?

AirSculpt® body contouring procedures are designed to provide outstanding results while prioritizing our patients' safety and comfort. To start working with us, call one of our more than 20 AirSculpt® locations across North America and Europe for your complimentary consultation.


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