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What Is AirSculpt®?—A Look Into Our Revolutionary Process

What is AirSculpt?

Compared with innovative procedures like AirSculpt®, noninvasive fat removal treatments are unable to remove large quantities of fat at once. 

What is AirSculpt®? It's a new, minimally invasive technique that implements groundbreaking patented technology, omitting the need for needles, scalpels, stitches, or general anesthesia. 

It's also known as 'lunchtime procedure,' given how swift the fat extraction process is and how short it takes to recover fully. 

How Did AirSculpt® Originate?

AirSculpt® was invented by Dr. Aaron Rollins, known as Hollywood's go-to for body contouring procedures.

Elite Body Sculpture is a Beverly Hills-based group of cosmetic surgery clinics across North America. Rollins developed the technology by prioritizing the patient's comfort — given that there is no reason that making commitments to change your body should be painful. 

A Briefing on How AirSculpt® Procedures Work

The majority of AirSculpt® procedures follow this series of steps. During an AirSculpt® fat transfer, there are added steps for creating entry points on the enhancement site and conducting the actual fat transfer, but the harvesting steps are still the same. One crucial aspect to understand is that AirSculpt® is not traditional liposuction; it's a revolutionized version of fat removal that uses patented technology to target fat with unmatched precision.

Step 1: The AirSculpt® surgeon numbs treatment areas with an AirPen. This device uses pressurized air differentials to administer a topical anesthetic in lieu of injecting the patient with a needle. 

Step 2: The surgeon then forms perfectly symmetrical two-millimeter-wide openings in the skin with a biopsy punch tool, skipping the need for cuts made with scalpels. A local anesthetic is applied through these entry points, after which AirSculpt® fat removal can begin. 

Step 3: The fat is removed with a unique, patented cannula, vastly different from those found in traditional liposuction processes. The device gently plucks fat cell by cell, with enhanced precision that minimizes side effects to surrounding areas. Due to its delicate design, patients report that they feel vibrations and deep-tissue massage-like sensations. 

Step 4: Once the fat has been extracted, the tiny entry points are naturally left to heal, resulting in just a freckle-sized scar, if one forms at all. In other words, elongated, nasty scars and stitches are not a concern after AirSculpt®. 

The Seamless Recovery Process

Within traditional liposuction procedures, one of the most grueling tasks is recovering. It requires much attention to detail and is, in most cases, painstakingly long. Typical fat removal recovery can last around three months for optimal results only to begin showing up.

With AirSculpt®, your downtime lasts 24 to 48 hours. Afterward, all that's required from you is to wear compression garments, which are essential for delivering optimal results and symmetrical contouring, and to avoid heavy exercise for a couple of weeks. Either way, you're able to attend a dinner that was scheduled on the very same day of your procedure if you so desire. 

Additional AirSculpt® Offerings: Skin Tightening and Cellulite Removal

In addition to fat removal and transfers, AirSculpt now offers cellulite removal and skin tightening treatments among its array of body contouring solutions. 

AirSculpt+ is the perfect compliment to fat removal procedures. This procedure dramatically tightens skin and improves laxity in treated areas with a unique plasma derived by combining helium gas and radiofrequency energy. Because removing large amounts of fat often results in loose skin, AirSculpt® + serves as an ideal pairing when treating more extensive areas like the stomach or regions notoriously plagued with loose skin like the arms. 

AirSculpt® Smooth uses a state-of-the-art cellulite removal device to target and release nuisance dimples in real time. The fine tools used during this process fit through the same minuscule AirSculpt® entry points, meaning there is no concern about large scars or new entry points. 

AirSculpt® Lift: A Natural Alternative to Filler 

To help our patients avoid the need for synthetic fillers that require frequent touch-ups, we proudly now offer a fat transfer to the face called AirSculpt® Lift. This unique facial rejuvenation technique injects small amounts of stem-cell-rich fat into select parts of the face, like the lips, temples, or cheeks, to restore lost volume and smooth away fine lines or wrinkles. 

Not only do patients avoid the need for constant maintenance injections as required with artificial fillers, but they also enjoy the benefits of permanent fat removal and a rejuvenating effect by improving facial tissue quality.

Another Major Differentiating Factor: Our Staff

Elite Body Sculpture's staff is an essential factor in our amazing results. Aside from having an unmatched work ethic, each of our expert surgeon-artists and dedicated staff members is trained to make your fat removal process as comfortable as possible. Not only is our technology gentler, but our staff also gives unrivaled focus and perspective in every procedure. Each of our AirSculpt® locations is designed to offer a serene, spa-like experience from start to finish, rounding out the long list of factors that makes us unique. 

At AirSculpt®, we not only focus on contouring your body to its ideal state, but we also focus on boosting your confidence. Our work is tailored to ensure you walk out of our offices feeling like the best version of yourself. Call us today to learn more about the permanent, all-natural results you can achieve with AirSculpt®. 


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