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How Long Will Recovery After a Fat Transfer Last?  

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Patients often ask how long fat transfer recovery lasts and whether it differs on separate body parts. The most important aspect is first to understand how fat transfer works and that much depends on the technique used.

It requires precision and much experience in the field of fat removal to perform a well-balanced fat transfer.

The process starts by extracting fat from a donor site. Typical donor sites are those where people tend to naturally have more fat, such as the abdomen, hips, and thighs. Once the fat is removed, it's then purified and prepared for reinjection. Patients can inject the fat into their face, buttocks, or breasts to provide those areas with more volume and a more aesthetic contour.

Chin and Face 

Fat transfers to the chin and face generally have shorter recovery times, meaning that the results will appear quicker than on other areas of the body.

That's because less fat needs to be extracted, and less is used as a filler on the cheeks, so they tend to settle more quickly. We should note that fat transfers to the face area are not offered with AirSculpt®. 

Breasts And Buttocks

The breasts and buttocks tend to have longer recovery times because more fat is needed to augment these areas. Traditional liposuction-based BBLs and breast enhancements may require more than a month to recover. Furthermore, treatment sites on the breasts and buttocks are much larger, meaning that general anesthesia is often for these procedures. 

With AirSculpt®, however, dramatic and all-natural fat transfers to the hands, hips, buttocks, or breasts are performed with only local anesthesia. This technique allows patients to return to work and regular routines just 48 hours after a procedure and return to the gym in as little as two weeks. 

Are These Results Permanent?

Yes, these results are permanent if you maintain a constant weight. That's because we are born with a finite number of fat cells. With a fat transfer, the number of cells in a specific area either decreases or increases.

It's essential to understand this because there's a misconception that the number of cells decreases or increases when gaining or losing weight. That would be incorrect; they respectively shrink or expand.

Therefore, if a patient maintains the weight, the donor site and the area where the fat was transferred will keep their new contour and appearance.

AirSculpt® Fat Transfers Offer Dramatic Results

If you're interested in undergoing the most accurate and comfortable fat transfer on the market, then patented AirSculpt® Technologies has the solution for you in Boston.

Our line of AirSculpt® Fat Transfer procedures does not use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to create a precise contour. This precision-engineered process provides an all-natural enhancement without forming noticeable scarring or requiring extensive recovery times.

Come to or call our Boston location to learn more about AirSculpt® fat transfers.


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