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Kenzie Elizabeth's Chin AirSculpt® + Experience in Dallas

Kenzie Elizabeth one-month Chin AirSculpt result

Kenzie Elizabeth is a Dallas-based content creator who recently underwent the Chin AirSculpt® + to obtain a more snatched chin.

Kenzie explains that she decided to get an AirSculpt® procedure because her chin's genetics wouldn't allow her to lose stubborn submental fat regardless of her gym-going, healthy lifestyle.

She also chose this procedure because of the short downtime, which lasts between 24 and 48 hours on average. As someone who owns a clothing brand and is constantly on camera, a quick recovery is key, as it allows her to get back on track with her busy schedule.

Generally speaking, the recovery process for a Chin AirSculpt® takes about two weeks, which was ideal for Kenzie because she was going to travel to Europe after the holidays. If Kenzie had opted for any other fat removal procedure, it would've been highly unlikely that she could be in the condition to travel in just under two weeks.

How Kenzie's Chin AirSculpt® + Experience Went

What's first noticeable about Kenzie's chin operation is that she's wide awake, lying down, and able to answer questions while having fat removed from her chin. 

When asked how she felt during surgery, her answer is characteristic of most AirSculpt® procedures. She reveals how she does not feel a thing after the numbing medications have been applied, which is why it's common for patients to chat with a friend or listen to music during treatment.

Kenzie's Chin AirSculpt® Post-Op

Kenzie's post-op was a breeze. You can see on her Youtube channel how she documented the moments immediately after her Chin AirSculpt®, which wouldn't be possible with traditional liposuction.

She had a slightly puffy face post-procedure and had to wear a complimentary compression garment on her neck and chin for two weeks, but otherwise, recovery was essentially nothing.

Kenzie Updates Us One Month Later

In this one-month TikTok update, Kenzie shows how Chin AirSculpt® provided her with a snatched look in only one month, with further changes still to come as she reaches her final result. 

This procedure's recovery is made efficient by the lack of linear scarring, made possible by our biopsy punch tool that creates a tiny two-millimeter opening through which fat is extracted. There are no stitches either because the area is naturally left to heal with the compression garment, only leaving a tiny mark that's easily mistaken for a freckle.

Call our Dallas AirSculpt® office, where Kenzie got sculpted, or any of our 20+ body contouring locations worldwide to schedule your complimentary consultation.


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