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Lauryn Evarts Bosstick Raves About Her Three-Week AirSculpt® Results

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AirSculpt® procedures remove fat with precise, advanced technology that minimizes potential complications common with traditional liposuction procedures.

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is one of many who can attest to how easy and fulfilling the AirSculpt® experience is. 

Lauryn Experienced The Next Generation of Body Sculpting

As you can see in our embedded post, Lauryn opted for AirSculpt® to contour her jawline, love handles, and arms.

While traditional liposuction would require months of recovery when treating multiple areas such as these, Lauryn documented her new results in just three weeks, looking as confident as ever on camera.

In her own words, her AirSculpt® experience was a 10/10. 

What Makes AirSculpt® Procedures So Groundbreaking?

The reason why AirSculpt® procedures can target multiple areas throughout the body without adding weeks of recovery is because of its minimally invasive characteristics.

First and foremost, procedures such as Arm AirSculpt® or Love Handle AirSculpt® don't use general anesthesia, meaning patients remain awake and can be maneuvered however their surgeon needs to ensure perfectly symmetrical results. Our precise tools allow for a swifter downtime that lasts 48 hours, which is useful for people such as Lauryn with a busy schedule. 

In addition, no scalpels, stitches, or needles are used in these proprietary processes.

A biopsy punch creates a completely symmetrical two-millimeter hole from which fat will be removed. This tiny size eliminates the need for stitches because we let they can heal naturally, leaving only a freckle-sized mark after the surgery.

Furthermore, typical liposuction treatments remove fat using a manual cheese-grater-like motion. That intrusive extraction is not needed in AirSculpt® procedures because our cannulas are designed to delicately pluck fat like picking berries off a bush.

Get Your 10/10 Experience As Well

The next generation of body sculpting is designed to provide beautiful results without the discomfort of traditional procedures.

If you want to obtain your ideal aesthetic, call one of our 20+ AirSculpt® locations so you can schedule your complimentary consultation with our body sculpting experts.


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