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Liposuction Recovery: Ways to Shorten Your Downtime After Surgery

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Liposuction is becoming as common as going to the gym. Over 250,000 procedures are performed in the United States every year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The surgery is less intense than other forms of plastic surgery, yet it's still an invasive procedure that implies following an extensive downtime. Therefore, knowing what you should expect post-liposuction is an essential differentiating factor towards the outcome of your recovery. 

Here are some suggestions you should consider during your recovery:

Prioritize Resting Properly After Liposuction

Although typical liposuction procedures allow you to return to work a week after, you must avoid any vigorous physical activity for at least a month.

If you fail to rest, then your surgical sites will run the risk of being affected, resulting in other medical complications. More stress to your body entails a prolonged recovery process.

Prepare Healthy Meals to Smoothen Your Liposuction Recovery Time

Healthy eating the weeks before and after the surgery helps for a speedy recovery. Eating well can boost your body's healing properties, combat inflammation, tackle swelling, and give you the energy you need to heal.

Care For Your Surgical Sites For A Better Recovery

After liposuction, you'll need to wear a compression garment that assists in dealing with discomfort and faster healing. Always follow the post-surgery instructions and keep the treated areas as clean as possible. The cleaner they are, the less visible the scarring becomes. If your liposuction required the use of drains, they are to be routinely drained out and cleaned. 

Also, Consider These Aspects For A Better Liposuction Recovery

Ensure that a board-certified plastic surgeon performs your liposuction. A personalized consultation, where you take the time to ask all the questions you need to understand what experience the surgeon has and what the procedure entails, is essential.

You should also understand that recovery time varies due to factors such as age, the state of your health, and your prior medical history. They all part-take in how quickly you'll heal.

Most importantly, undergo liposuction with realistic expectations. The results will be transformative, but make sure if the procedure is feasible for the changes you want on your body.

AirSculpt®: An Effective Alternative to Liposuction 

AirSculpt® is an alternative to liposuction that can yield equally stunning changes without invasive surgery and lengthy downtime. If you'd like to see how AirSculpt® trumps liposuction, visit our AirSculpt® vs. Traditional Lipo page. 

AirSculpt® is a minimally invasive fat removal procedure that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia.  While a traditional liposuction procedure has an extended recovery time, AirSculpt® will have you back on your feet without restriction in 48 hours.

AirSculpt® patented technology, developed by Elite Body Sculpture, subscribes to the philosophy that making changes to your body shouldn't be risky or painful.

If you want immediate changes to your body, without having to worry about what can happen afterward, then AirSculpt® is right for you. Go to Elite Body Sculpture, to find your nearest location and get your first consultation.


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