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Reviewing Julie Shroyer's Stomach and Upper Back Fat Removal

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Julie Shroyer is a TikTok content creator who teaches women over 50 how to have a fabulous lifestyle, touching on topics from fitness to a healthy lifestyle. 

AirSculpt® Is For Those With A Busy Lifestyle

Given her affinity towards making content about looking your best, it's no secret that Julie has a busy schedule to keep her following active.

Julie chose to get AirSculpt® because her free time is limited, meaning she needed aesthetic results quickly and her recovery time to be concise and brief as well.

AirSculpt® results as Julie's best option for fat removal because the downtime is an average of 48 hours. And on average, the entire AirSculpt® treatment for two procedures took 2 hours.

In Julie's own words, on the first two days, she was swollen, but thanks to her compression garment, the pain was minimal, and she could work during this period following her Sacramento body contouring procedure.

AirSculpt® Also Works For Anyone

While most traditional procedures are tailored to specific age ranges, AirSculpt® can effectively treat people like Julie Shroyer, empowering women over 50 and younger in their 20s alike.

Julie's main issue with fat is that regardless of her being someone who works out, she couldn't reduce the bulges of fat on her midsection and upper back.

Julie underwent the Stomach AirSculpt® and Back Bra Roll AirSculpt® at our Sacramento location, achieving a flat midsection with no excess fat bulging from behind her bra strap. As you can see in her final results above, she was already a fit individual, but due to age and genetics, some problem areas just won't budge no matter what one does.

While these results are practically permanent, the only way that they will genuinely persist in time is if you follow Julie's recommendation of committing to a healthier lifestyle to maintain the results. However, those who gain weight after a fat removal procedure tend to keep their new proportions, as other areas expand before treated ones.

AirSculpt® Procedures Offer Several Benefits

Aside from the fast results and minimal downtime highlighted above, AirSculpt® procedures are designed to give patients outstanding results by significantly prioritizing precision and comfort.

That's why practically all AirSculpt® procedures do not use scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia, minimizing the downsides associated with traditional liposuction fat removal and grafting techniques.

Instead of using a scalpel, a biopsy punch forms a perfectly symmetrical two-millimeter entryway from which the area is to be numbed, and fat is extracted. These openings leave no noticeable scarring because they're so minuscule, so no stitches are needed to close them. All that's left is a tiny mark the size of a freckle.

While noninvasive and traditional forms of liposuction are designed to provide notable results, they cannot offer them in one minimally invasive treatment. Patients often must choose between comfort or considerable time commitment to recover from invasive liposuction. 

Yet with AirSculpt®, patients can enjoy the best of both worlds by treating multiple areas of the body in one a single, wide-awake session.

Work With Us And Get The Best Results

Julie has experimented with the next generation of body sculpting, which is why she recommends AirSculpt® to all her close ones so they can achieve the body of their dreams.

For more information on how we can help you, call any of our more than 25 body sculpting offices to schedule your complimentary consultation today.


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