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Lower Back AirSculpt® Phoenix

What You Can Do To Lose Lower Back Fat Above the Buttocks

woman doing a glute bridge

A toned backside is an attractive feature that indicates good physical fitness. If you have a fat patch above your buttocks, also called a sacral fat pad, then you're likely dealing with a combination of excess buttock, back, or waist fat.

While there are several ways to remove the pocket of fat, a routine of healthy eating and exercises can help you naturally sculpt the look you want. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of fat above the buttocks, both on your own and with a cosmetic procedure.

Aerobic Exercise Programs

To lose lower back fat naturally, start an aerobic exercise program. This will help you train the cardiovascular system and lose fat accumulated throughout your body.

Cardio exercises are a great way to increase your metabolic rate, increase the rate of caloric burn, and promote fat loss.

Standard guidelines that you should follow are about 75 to 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week. Still, know that cardio will not help you with targeted fat removal. Instead, it is the first step that gets the body into a calorie-burning state.

Slowly but surely, you will lose excess flab and body weight everywhere, hopefully including the fat above your butt.

Train Your Lower Body

Coupled with cardio exercise, you should train the lower body two to three times per week. Compound movements, body weight squats, or HIIT circuits are all solid options to boost lower body muscle tone.

HIIT routines keep the heart rate up and encourage more fat burn. On the other hand, compound strength training is a recommendation for overall strength. Including both in your routine is something to aspire toward.

When performing heavier exercises like squats or deadlifts to target larger lower body muscle groups, ensure you engage the core and return to the starting position slowly to avoid injury.

Toning the lower-body muscles will help you achieve a more athletic aesthetic. This will promote the toning of the lower lumps, which should also hit the region above the butt.

Always ensure you balance these exercises with enough rest within your routine. Recovery is just as important as training! Aim to get at least seven hours of sleep each night, or more if your body needs it. 

A Healthier Diet

A healthier diet (and the exercises mentioned above) to lose excess fat from your body is a must.

You cannot show off a toned body if fat surrounds it from all sides. Losing weight with a healthy diet void of processed foods will be your go-to approach.

Weight loss can only happen when fewer calories go into your body than calories burned off. First, determine how much energy your body requires daily, then try cutting that by about 300 to 500 daily.

Coupling a calorie deficit with increased physical activity will also help you burn more calories. Combine regular exercise with a nutritious diet to enjoy beautiful tailbone and upper buttock fat removal results.

AirSculpt® Procedures Can Remove Fat Above the Buttock

Losing a fat patch above the butt can always be started through natural means. Still, due to genetics, it's not always possible to get complete results, even with a disciplined approach. To help finish off the job or to gain that motivation to keep working away tailbone fat, AirSculpt® is, without a doubt, the best cosmetic option!

For those in the Pheonix area, Lower Back AirSculpt® is a minimally invasive treatment that avoids using a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia. You'll enjoy permanent, instant results and a comfortable experience that no traditional process can provide.

Patients heal without notable scars, return to work with already-apparent results the next day, and only continue seeing further improvement as swelling subsides in the following weeks. 

Because AirSculpt gently plucks fat by the cell, downtime lasts just one to two days. The entry point heals on its own with no stitches needed. Better yet, you can combine your treatment with a fat transfer or cellulite removal to round out your results.

Before and After Lower Back Fat Removal

Check out this patient's AirSculpt results! It may look like the patient received a BBL, but the power of targeted fat removal is all it took to provide this new look.

When it comes to body contouring, everything is about proportions. By sculpting her full abdomen and the fat pad above her tailbone, our patient achieved a narrow waist and drawn-in tummy that highlights her natural curves. 

To learn more about how we can help you target your lower back fat, visit our Phoenix body sculpting office or any of our more than 27 AirSculpt® locations worldwide for your free consultation.


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