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We all understand how much beautiful-looking legs can affect our self-image. It may be for a particular reason or just because we want to look nice for ourselves or someone else, but a nice pair of thighs can make or break our ideal figures.

Current estimates show that roughly 17 million women in the United States, and more than 370 million worldwide, suffer from lipedema. This disorder creates the abnormal enlargement of the lower limbs due to the existence of fat deposits under the skin. Beyond the daily discomfort this condition can cause, lipedema can also negatively affect women's self-esteem.

Here in Atlanta alone, thousands suffer from lipedema, and with time, this condition tends to get worse. It not only affects our self-confidence and daily routine but can eventually impact our mental and physical health. Due to limited scientific knowledge about lipedema, it is commonly misdiagnosed. Thousands have their lipedema left untreated or mistreated with different procedures that do not obtain expected results.

How Can Lipedema Actually Be Treated?

Even though the leading cause of lipedema is unknown, usual treatments consist of physiotherapy and exercise. Physiotherapy can preserve and help your mobility and maintain your range of motion over time; exercise, meanwhile, helps support overall well-being and slows down the progression of the disease.

It is common to hear that surgery can mildly help this condition. Traditional liposuction or a variation that uses a water jet can help with the removal of unwanted fat from your legs, but these methods have severe limitations. A new surgery that has proven effective for treating lipedema uses AirSculpt®, patented technology that can precisely target and gently remove subcutaneous fat pockets.  

Liposuction for Lipedema?

In previous decades, liposuction was merely considered a cosmetic procedure, with no real medicinal value. Even though this type of treatment does indeed serve aesthetic purposes, it can also be effectively used for pathologies and different conditions, such as lipedema.

Although the disorder is still treated with various processes and procedures, it is generally agreed upon that liposuction can help. More specifically, this procedure reduces a patient's amount of leg fat and also contours the overall size of both limbs. If the surgeon is not careful, however, liposuction can lead to permanent damage to the lymphatic system, one reason why liposuction as a lipedema surgery is not always recommended.

AirSculpt® As A Permanent and Gentle Lipedema Solution

AirSculpt® is not just a fat removal treatment, but rather a body sculpting procedure. For lipedema patients, we focus on putting the patient first and understanding their needs, as well as expectations. The AirSculpt® process begins with a tool that numbs the skin with a fluid dispensed by a pressured puff of air rather than using needles. Then, we use a small AirPen to create an entryway smaller than a pencil eraser, which means we don't use stitches or leave you with prominent, long-lasting scars.

With patented AirSculpt® technology, we treat lipedema by delicately removing and collecting the unwanted subcutaneous fat, cell by cell, while simultaneously tightening your skin. Our technique allows surgeons to sculpt your body in a balanced, proportioned manner. We believe this factor is essential for treating lipedema because this condition can create column-like legs due to the accumulation of fat from thighs to ankles.

Beyond our ability to target problematic fat accumulations while completely sparing surrounding areas, we also allow for better lymphatic drainage than traditional liposuction procedures. AirSculpt® can treat lipedema on the inner thighs, calves, ankles, knees, and rear thighs. We are devoted to helping you return to your normal-size looking and feeling legs that you've always wanted back.

Where to Treat Lipedema in Atlanta

We are continually innovating and developing ways to improve the AirSculpt® method. We have seen how much our lipedema surgery has positively impacted our patients, and strive to help as many women as we can conquer this condition. At Elite Body Sculpture Atlanta, we offer the AirSculpt® lipedema treatment near the Buckhead Train Station, where our office will make you feel refreshed and relaxed from the moment you enter our doors. 

Our prepared team will help you schedule your consultation, answer any questions that you may have, and prepare for your minimally invasive lipedema surgery. Although AirSculpt® is not a permanent cure to the underlying cause of lipedema, it can improve mobility, increase functionality for daily living, and reduce pain to enhance one's quality of life.


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