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What is Los Angeles' Best Mons Pubis Reduction?

Mons Pubis Reduction

The mons pubis, another lively 'below the belt' discussion. 

The mons pubis is the section of tissue found on the top of the pubic bone. As you gain weight, it becomes enlarged and accumulated with saggy skin, a slightly uncomfortable experience.  

The mons pubis is traditionally treated with a tummy tuck and a mons pubis reduction surgery, but less invasive options are not emerging as effective solutions.

Why Is My Mons Pubis Enlarged?

The causes of protruding and sagging mons pubis are due to excess fat. Women complain about an enlarged mons pubis when it affects the type of clothing they wear.

A visible break of a smooth contour isn't precisely the delightful appearance women are shooting for. Worst of all, the mons pubis isn't a responsive area to diet and exercise.

Among many causes include the following:

  1. Excess fat: Simple weight gain, hormonal imbalances, and genetics can be the cause of an enlarged mons pubis.
  2. Weight loss: Whether it be extreme weight loss or otherwise, the loss of fat contributes to sagging skin in the area.
  3. C-sections: Women that have undergone C-sections for childbirth have noted that their pubis tends to protrude. The scar as well as accentuates the problem.
  4. Loose skin: Skin laxity plays a part as well. Loose skin can be a byproduct of all of the previously mentioned causes and aging.

It's essential to address that an enlarged mons pubis is not a medical or health concern. Therefore, the main reason you'd want to remove it is that you're searching for a more aesthetic-looking pubic area.

What Procedures Are Best?

A common misconception is that a tummy tuck can treat an enlarged mons pubis. A tummy tuck does not successfully address the suprapubic region, which is why it's combined with liposuction.

Another alternative is to reduce and remove the loose skin from the region with a Monsplasty or a mons reduction surgery. 

Are They Really The Best?

Traditional liposuction and a Monsplasty have their flaws in resolving the issue. If your objective is to reduce the mons pubis' size, it will happen, yet the area's aesthetics can be affected.

Either procedure produces significant scarring. Additionally, complications and healing and procedural risks are possible; therefore, it's recommended that you properly inform yourself with your surgeon's help about what consequences you may have to endure. 

The Best Mons Pubis Reduction In Los Angeles

The optimal mons pubis reduction procedure in Los Angeles is the Pubic Area AirSculpt®, or the AirSculpt® Mommy Makeover, depending on your specific needs.

Pubic AirSculpt® is a strictly fat removal process that uses advanced AirSculpt® technology to ensure precise, instant, and safe results. In contrast, the makeover can include up to four different procedures designed to revitalize any mother's post-pregnancy body without general anesthesia, needles, or noticeable scarring. Combine the Tiny Tuck, pubic and tailbone fat removal, stomach fat removal, and breast enlargement to experience transformative results. 

The best part is that our recovery process is quite fast; you only have to rest for 48 hours before returning to being a hard-working mother.

That said, you deserve to look your best by working with the best. Head to our Beverly Hills office to understand the power of our luxurious Elite experience. 


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