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What You Should Know About Knee Liposuction Before Getting It

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As we age, we tend to accumulate fat in certain areas around our midsection. The inner and outer thighs and knees are areas of the body that cause discomfort, irritation, rashes, and for many women, embarrassment.

When the knees are flabby, one could feel their legs look disproportionate or misshapen.

If diet and exercise have not reduced the annoying bulges around the knees sufficiently, it's recommended that you search for help.

Can liposuction be performed on the knees? At several cosmetic practices, knee liposuction has been considered a go-to process for patients who want to remove fat pockets on their knees.

Who Makes A Good Candidate For Knee Liposuction?

For most patients considering undergoing surgery, the reasons tend to be very personal and unique to the individual.

Knee liposuction candidates are ideal if they are within their healthy weight, healthy, and have realistic expectations about the surgery.

The patient should have elastic skin that will be able to shrink once the fat has been removed. Loose skin is something that liposuction cannot treat; therefore, consider coupling it with a lifting procedure if that's an issue you'd like to address.

What's Involved In Knee Liposuction?

Knee liposuction is usually performed under general anesthesia, meaning that you will not be conscious during the surgery.

The surgeons begin the process by forming small incisions behind the knee and then inserting a small cannula to suction the fat from the area.

Once a decent amount of fat has been removed, and the surgeon achieves the aesthetic you're looking for, the openings are stitched up and bandaged.

Your surgeon will give you a compression garment to help deal with swelling and bruising.

How Effective Is The Procedure?

Liposuction is a popular procedure for patients who want to slim their thighs or midsection. Yet, inner knee liposuction has become increasingly popular with high patient satisfaction.

Follow your surgeon's recovery guidelines and have the patience to ensure the best results.

Elite Body Sculpture Works Best

Patients who want to undergo the optimal knee fat removal procedure should look no further than what Elite Body Sculpture offers.

Our Knee AirSculpt® is the most comfortable and precise form of fat removal, given that we don't use scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia.

That's because we believe in offering patients quality results without having to depend on the use of invasive surgical techniques.

Call our Phoenix office to schedule your free consultation to start working with us. 


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