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Where Can I Transfer Fat To With AirSculpt? 

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If you've been considering liposuction but want to use the unwanted fat in other areas of your body to enhance the shape and volume of a region like the buttocks or breasts, then you should dive into the world of cosmetic fat transfers.

Thanks to technological developments, cosmetic procedures have come a long way in the past years allowing for more refined results with less invasive characteristics like those found in invasive surgery.

There are much more ways to feel rejuvenated and younger. Still, the option that has mainly gained popularity in Miami is provided by Elite Body Sculpture, the house of aesthetics that swears by comfortable procedures for outstanding results.

Elite Body Sculpture's line of AirSculpt® Fat Transfer procedures is the next generation of body sculpting, thanks to the use of advanced and patented technology that traditional methods cannot compete with.

What Can AirSculpt® Fat Transfers Do?

A fat transfer is a form of cosmetic surgery that uses lipo to extract fat tissue from one body part and inject it into another area as a cosmetic enhancement.

Elite Body Sculpture provides the most innovative form of fat transfer within Miami by enhancing your body without a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia.

Our patented instruments can simultaneously remove fat, transfer it, and tighten the surrounding skin, providing you with the optimal contour.

What Areas Can We Enhance?

Where can fat be transferred with AirSculpt®? At Elite Body Sculpture, we specialize in four fat transfers designed to resolve common aesthetic issues.

They are the following:

  • Hand Rejuvenation: we can restore the lost volume in your hands, reducing the appearance of veins and wrinkles that give away your age.

  • HipFlip™: we can provide you with an hourglass figure by filling out your hip dips with fat from another area of your body.

  • PowerBBL™: we can enhance your backside by using fat from a large area of the body, giving you a shapelier butt that feels and looks more natural than with implants

  • Up a Cup™ Breast Augmentation: we don't need silicone or any other inorganic material to help you naturally go up one cup size.

Why Work With Elite?

Elite Body Sculpture works under the philosophy that all cosmetic procedures are safe and comfortable for all customers. There should be no reason why one leaves the surgeon's office with regrets or second-guesses your decision.

If you agree with us, come to our Miami office to start your first consultation.


Ready For The Defined Shape You Want?

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