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A Revolutionary Approach to Mons Pubis Reduction

Having excess fat in the pubic area can be quite damaging to one's self-confidence. Pubic Area AirSculpt® is an exceptional procedure that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia to provide significant results. No other mons pubis liposuction can match our technology's precision or the comfort level enjoyed throughout treatment. Come to our Beverly Hills office to get started with your first consultation.

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How Pubic Area AirSculpt® Works Wonders

AirSculpt® enables our surgeons to target only the pockets of fat you want gone for good while leaving surrounding areas completely unaffected. Our technology is designed to turn off automatically if it comes into contact with deeper tissue or muscle. Furthermore, AirSculpt® helps tighten the treated area's skin, meaning patients may avoid the need for an invasive lift procedure if they worry about extra or loose pubic skin. Many who thought they might have needed a pubic lift can get sculpted and return to enjoying life in a bathing suit with one seamless treatment.

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Stubborn Fat — It's all we do

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Our Beverly Hills Surgeons

  • Dr. Kanevsky

    Dr. Jonathan Kanevsky

  • Dr. Obaid Chaudhry

    Dr. Obaid Chaudhry


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448B North Bedford Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90210, United States
A quick 5-minute walk from Rodeo Drive and right off Santa Monica Boulevard, Elite Body Sculpture is right across the Beverly Hills sign. As Elite's prime Southern California location, we offer concierge services to any patients coming from out of town. Closer to Northern California? Check out our Sacramento location. Either way, we offer concierge services to set up accommodations for patients from out of town.

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