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3 Fast Facts You Didn't Know About Breast Implants

Breast Implants

Breast augmentations are popular cosmetic procedures that tend to be life-changing for women looking to fix their breasts by restoring their youth or repairing any abnormalities. 

Given how important this procedure can be for women, we decided to create a quick list of must-knows before undergoing this treatment.

Pick The Right Surgeon

It's always recommended that your plastic surgeon be board certified, has 5-star ratings, and has a wide array of before and after photos to certify their expertise.

This is essential, given that have your surgery under the expertise of the right person guarantees better results and strays away from risks and other medical complications.

Google is your best friend when it comes to searching for the best surgeons in your area.

Know The Different Types Of Breast Implants

Breast implants range across various sizes and shapes. Some feel more natural than others, and they all have their different pros and cons.

The most common implants used in today's markets are silicone and saline implants. Saline implants are FDA approved for anyone above the age of 18, and they consist of a silicone shell filled with saline water.

They have the advantage of being the easiest to detect in a rupture and the safest to treat, given that the body absorbs the saline water.

Silicone implants are FDA approved for patients over 22 years old and are reported to provide a more comparatively natural feel than their saline counterparts. Their caveat is that a rupture isn't easily detectable and requires medical procedures when they leak.

The Better Option Is A Fat Transfer

When it comes to the realm of breast augmentations, years of experience entail what is more suitable for patients. 

Implants are excellent procedures for those that have limited excess fat on their body. In the case that you do have excess fat that you'd like to rid of, you're able to use that fat and inject it into your breasts.

These procedures are called fat transfer breast augmentations, and the best one to choose is the AirSculpt® Up A Cup™.

It's a minimally invasive process that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia with a concise recovery.

A typical AirSculpt® Up A Cup™ is performed in the following steps:

  1. The surgeon will prepare the donor site (the area to lose fat) with an AirPen, a device that uses pressurized air to apply a topical anesthetic.
  2. A biopsy punch tool forms a symmetrical, two-millimeter wide opening, meaning no scalpels or needles used at all!
  3. A local anesthetic is applied, then AirSculpt® technology is used to pluck fat cell-by-cell from the area.
  4. The fat is treated, and then the same cannula is then placed into reverse mode, and steps 1&2 are repeated on the breasts. 
  5. The fat is delicately dispersed and used to contour the breasts to their desired appearance.
  6. The apertures formed by the biopsy punch are naturally left to heal, leaving a freckle-sized mark on each area.

For more information comparing AirSculpt with breast implants in Phoenix, reach out to us today!


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