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6 Things To Consider Before Getting Stomach Liposuction in Los Angeles

6 Things To Consider Before Getting Stomach Liposuction in Los Angeles

What Should I Know Before Getting Stomach Liposuction?

For many, stomach liposuction is the first step toward achieving their dreams of a great body. If you feel that the extent of your knowledge on liposuction begins and ends with shallow magazine headlines or other clickbait articles, don't worry. You belong to the vast majority. Despite wanting to undergo stomach liposuction, you probably find yourself with little education on the topic. Here are five things to consider before getting stomach liposuction or  AirSculpt, Los Angeles residents.

1. When Should I Expect Results?

Results after stomach liposuction will begin to appear right away! To help minimize swelling, you will wear a compression garment during the first two weeks following the procedure. Something to remember is that rimpled results and contour irregularities are likely to form, but they are in no way permanent. 

2. Will I Get Noticeable Scars?

With AirSculpt, you will not have noticeable scars. Thanks to the dissolvable sutures our surgeons use in this procedure, you will not have to worry about scarring from stitches. Even better, during the procedure, our surgeons use a biopsy punch tool to create a perfectly symmetrical, 2 mm wide entryway to remove the fat through. This means that you will heal with a barely noticeable freckle-sized scar.

By contrast, stomach liposuction requires large incisions. This element of the surgery often leaves patients with large scars that do not disappear with time.

3. How Many Clothing Sizes Will I Go Down?

This question that you, and many others, ask is emblematic of a more considerable misunderstanding of the procedure. The goal of stomach liposuction is not to necessarily go down multiple clothing sizes but to remove excess fat, thus, achieving a more contoured appearance. You may not necessarily go down multiple clothing sizes; however, you will notice that your old clothes will fit differently after your procedure. The change in your silhouette causes this. For these reasons, you should anticipate, nor is it possible to predict your change in clothing sizes.

4. How Can I Maintain My New Appearance?

To maintain your new appearance, you should keep a healthy diet, a consistent exercise routine, and be mindful of any medications you may take. Water is your new best friend and is a great way to keep your weight stable. Although the fat will not grow back in the treated areas, you should take all the necessary steps for a healthy lifestyle.

5. Will My Skin Look Saggy After the Surgery?

Although your skin will not look 'saggy' after stomach liposuction, be aware that your skin will be looser post-surgery. Like many aspects of this procedure, your skin's looseness depends on your skin elasticity and the amount of fat you are getting removed. 

6. How Painful Will This Procedure Be?

Like any invasive procedure, you should expect some pain afterward. The most severe pain lasts anywhere from twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the treatment. Minimal pain lasts four to eight weeks after the procedure. The procedure's level of pain depends on many factors: how much fat is removed, the type of anesthesia used, your personal pain threshold, etc. A short discussion with your doctor before the procedure can help clarify any confusion.

How Can Stomach AirSculpt Perfectly Sculpt Your Body?

The perfect way to sculpt your body is with Stomach AirSculpt. The procedure is quite simple to understand, even without a background in medicine. First, we use an AirPen, a tool that uses air pressure differentials to distribute topical numbing solutions to numb the skin in place of a needle. Next, we create an entryway that is perfectly symmetrical and only 2 mm wide in diameter. You will heal with a freckled-sized scar because everything is performed through this tiny entryway. The surgeon will apply a local anesthetic to the stomach region after the entryway is created. A risky element like general anesthesia is never used.

The AirSculpt cannula is then used to gently pluck individual fat cells from the stomach region, like coconuts off a palm tree. Traditional techniques use abrasive tools to physically scrape your fat cells away, whereas AirSculpt uses much more precise, advanced technology. Our tools allow our surgeons only to target stubborn fat while simultaneously avoiding muscle and skin, all while also tightening your treated area's skin! Most importantly, we use dissolvable sutures instead of stitches, which means minimal scarring and quicker healing. 

Stomach AirSculpt is the ideal way to sculpt your body because you will have more impressive results than traditional liposuction without the scars, pain, and inaccuracy of the procedure. 


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