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An Instant Reduction of Double Chin Fat With Tighter Skin: See This Minneapolis Resident's Results

before and after chin airsculpt + image of minneapolis resident's results from a side profile view

Having to hide your double chin under a turtle neck sweater during the intense winter cold is a much easier task than what you will likely attempt in the summer.

We understand the double chin is an undeniably unflattering feature, and the current cosmetic market is saturated with solutions. Many of these are marketing ploys offering ineffective properties or results that are temporary or not that dramatic.

By contrast, Chin AirSculpt® is your state-of-the-art solution to remove the double chin and achieve a sharply contoured jawline that will have you feeling confident in front of any camera.

Suppose excess fat isn't the only problem because you also have loose skin meddling with your jawline's aesthetic. In that case, you can opt for a Chin AirSculpt® + to tighten your skin after fat extraction for optimal results.

Chin AirSculpt® is designed to sculpt outstanding results while you're awake, all in as little as 30 minutes. Many call this a 'lunchtime' procedure because you can technically have your fat removed and be out of recovery immediately in less than an hour.

AirSculpt®'s minimally invasive properties, such as not using a scalpel, stitch, or needle, along with the lack of general anesthesia, means patients can return to their daily routines as soon as the next day.

You can observe how our featured Minneapolis patient has had multiple rolls of fat removed from her chin and neck and how she's smiling over a prominent jawline that doesn't show a single extraction point or scar.

She also enjoys dramatically tighter skin, all delivered in a single sitting without undergoing an invasive neck lift. 

Treating the chin area with AirSculpt® not only improves one's facial profile but often makes the rest of the body appear slimmer due to the prominent role the chin and neck play in our overall appearance. 

For more information on how we can help you, call our AirSculpt® office serving the Minneapolis area to schedule your complimentary consultation with our body sculpting experts.


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