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Does Fat Grafting Leave Scars?

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Many people struggle with excess fat in the wrong places. When a healthy diet and exercise don't give you the contours you want, targeted fat removal with a fat graft can safely transfer material from one body part to another. This procedure is renowned for rejuvenating your appearance with minimally invasive techniques. 

However, some patients worry about scar tissue formation after the procedure. With traditional liposuction, scars may be elongated due to the large incisions made with scalpels. Modern techniques like AirSculpt®, however, have emerged that deliver a similar enhancement with much smaller entry points. 

Incisions Used In Fat Removal and Fat Grafting

Advanced and sophisticated instruments like patented AirSculpt® technology have made the fat removal process easier. The number and size of the incisions needed to remove fat have been significantly reduced compared with traditional liposuction, and the fat transfer itself does not involve large entry points. All entry points are made with a small biopsy punch tool the size of a freckle, replacing the need for a sharp scalpel.  

Scarring After Liposuction and Fat Grafting

Many factors determine the extent of scarring after a liposuction procedure. Some patients are genetically predisposed to develop visible scars even after small incisions. The visibility of scars after surgery also depends on your skin tone.

Scarring will likely develop if you undergo a traditional form of fat removal and fat grafting. Using scalpels to create incisions will amount to scarring, regardless of the circumstances.

That said, the cosmetic market is consistently evolving; now, several minimally invasive solutions, such as AirSculpt®, are designed to provide outstanding results without the risks or consequences associated with traditional procedures.

Does AirSculpt® Leave Scars?

Elite Body Sculpture's fat removal and fat grafting procedures are specifically designed to mask the appearance of scarring.

We don't form linear incisions, given that our body contouring avoids using a scalpel entirely. Instead, our wide-awake fat removal and transfer procedures create use a dermal punch to form a perfectly symmetrical, two-millimeter-wide entryway.

This entry point is naturally left to heal without stitches, leaving a freckle-sized mark afterward, if anything forms at all. 

Elite Body Sculpture's exclusive AirSculpt® fat transfer treatments ensure results are personalized precisely to each patient's desires, all while reducing concerns about scarring. Contact our Austin body contouring location or any more than 20 offices worldwide to begin your free consultation.


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