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Hip Dips vs Saddlebags: Exploring Their Differences

Hip Dips vs Saddlebags

Among the things women most dread are hips dips and saddlebags. Pesky fat deposits appearing in areas where you do not want them are a source of immense frustration.

Various reasons, including genetics, make these body features challenging to tone. Therefore, is it worth trying anything? Do you have any actionable options?

Read further on to learn more, but let us first define hip dips and saddlebags and what they entail for your appearance.

Saddlebags: What Are They?

saddlebag fat removal before and after image

Saddlebags are a common issue for women who have gained weight. The fat accumulated around the thigh, butts, and hips tends to show during their reproductive years.

It stems from an evolutionary necessity: the extra troves of fat would help power women when they were actively pregnant or nursing during times of famine.

They were useful for pregnant cavewomen thousands of years ago, but nowadays, they are persistent pockets of fat that women want to get rid of.

As you can see in the featured saddlebag removal before and after photo, outer thigh fat is located near where the leg meets the buttocks. This featured patient received AirSculpt fat removal on her outer thighs to reduce their appearance and smooth out her lower body's look.

Hips Dips: Are They The Same As Saddlebags?

Hips dips are almost the opposite of saddlebags. They are not excess fat bulging out, but instead are prominent indentations that form an inward curve on each side of the hip, right below the hip bone.

As you can hear renowned cosmetic surgeon and inventor of AirSculpt Dr. Aaron Rollins explain above, hip dips are dents located right above saddlebags. 

They are also referred to as violin hips because that is the shape they give your legs.

In this before and after picture, you can see how the hip dips are found at a higher point than saddlebags. Outer thigh fat rests at a similar height as the lower buttocks, while hip dips are located higher up, equal to the upper portion of the buttocks.

Hip dips are not a deformity, and there are no medical complications associated with them. Hip dips are just a product of your genetics because your pelvis sits up high and is broad, forming a drop between your hip bones and femur.

In recent years, hip dips have gained attention on social media, but they are no new issue. Women have long been concerned with these

How Do I Get Rid Of Hips Dips And Saddlebags?

If you are looking to remove either of these features, we highly recommend that you work with qualified, expert cosmetic surgeons like those with AirSculpt.

This minimally invasive body contouring treatment can permanently remove and transfer fat using minute entry points and only has a downtime of 48 hours.

The patented AirSculpt® process is unique because we are able to precisely sculpt desired results without using a scalpel, needle, stitches, drains, or general anesthesia. 

To get rid of your hip dips, opt for the AirSculpt® HipFlip, where we harvest fat from one part of your body and use it to fill in the indentations that form your hip dips.

To remove those pesky saddlebags for good, our outer thigh fat removal procedure can easily suction the fat from your body and give you an excellent contour. By combining both treatments, you can easily sculpt the coveted hourglass shape and say goodbye to hip dips and saddlebags for good.

AirSculpt: The Next Generation of Body Contouring

AirSculpt® technology was developed with the patient's comfort, safety, and desired results at the top of mind. There's no reason to commit to paying changes for your body that could end up in medical risks or aesthetic failures.

With 27+ body sculpting centers worldwide, we are proud to provide a precision-engineered procedure with minimal downtime. Patients no longer have to choose between dramatic results and a short downtime. With AirSculpt fat removal and transfers, both goals are attainable at once.

If you are in the Denver area and want to get rid of outer thigh fat or fill in your hip dips, head to or call our Denver body contouring office for your free consultation! 


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