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How Atlanta Chin AirSculpt® Compares to Popular Injections

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Double chins are the reason many people across Atlanta are stuffing their necks in turtleneck sweaters. The reasons these unwanted folds appear between your neck and jaw aren’t only associated with weight gain. Although it could be the main contributor, there’s more to this biological story. 

Double chins could potentially result from genetics or even having an unhealthy posture—which over time weakens the muscles in your neck and aging. No matter how your double chin has come to fruition, you’re more than likely looking to get rid of it.

Exercise: A Double Chin Solution?

If you’re looking for a natural, procedure-free way of getting the neck of your desires, there are several exercises you can add to your routine to strengthen your supportive muscles, potentially minimizing your chin by a fold or two. 

If you're may not be the exercise-type, you might prefer a more immediate method, such as undergoing a cosmetic procedure. As of recently, two specific treatments have surfaced, offering you quite great results: Chin AirSculpt® and Chin Acid injections. Let’s take a look at a brief comparison.

What’s Chin AirSculpt®?

The safest and most effective option you'll find, AirSculpt® removes your unwanted chin fat cells while also tightening your skin in the process. AirSculpt® prides itself on being one of the few fat removal procedures on the market that doesn’t use general anesthesia, needles, stitches, or a scalpel; dramatic results are achieved with patented technology and meticulous precision. 

The Chin AirSculpt® procedure uses an AirPen, a device that uses air pressure to apply the numbing medication to the treated area. Afterward, an entryway thinner than a piece of #2 pencil lead is made, and then the surgeon uses AirSculpt® technology to gently eliminate fat cells.

What Are Chin Fat Injections Like?

Unlike AirSculpt®, these specifically focus on eliminating the excess fat under your chin by applying a series of small injections. These injections contain a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that dissolves fat cells.

The dissolved fat cells and acid are then naturally expelled from your body. The number of sessions you undergo determines how much fat you’d be able to lose. For optimal results, expect up to five sessions of ten minutes each, administered a month apart. The FDA has only approved them for chin-use, while the more versatile AirSculpt® removes fat in any area of the body

Safety Comparison

Chin AirSculpt® is more than your traditional liposuction. It does have basic similarities with the cut and dry aspects of traditional liposuction. It employs the most effective characteristics of the procedure, yet AirSculpt® leaves the risky aspects behind. It’s precise and gentle nature makes it ideal for smaller areas such as the chin or arms.

Acid injections themselves may seem less invasive than Chin AirSculpt®, nevertheless, this does not entail that AirSculpt® is less safe than Kybella, it’s actually the other way around.

Our seamless procedure has been void of serious complications for patients and has been reported to be practically pain-free, allowing you to be work-ready the next day.

Some treatments may simply be a series of injections, but labeling these as completely safe would be irresponsible. After all, a surgeon is inserting an acid cocktail into your chin. The procedure is painful, and various sessions are required, unlike  Chin AirSculpt®, which takes just 20 minutes  to achieve desired results. 

Make Your Decision

As you can see, Elite Body Sculpture Atlanta is happy to provide AirSculpt® technology, where luxury and convenience link with technology and precision. Visit our website or start a consultation to start your journey to presenting your new, sculpted face to the city of Atlanta.


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