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Investigating What Liposuction Can Do For Calf And Ankle Fat

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Excess calf and ankle fat affect millions of people around the world. This is often referred to as having “cankles”, which is a term to describe the lack of definition between the ankle and the calf muscle. It’s a real cause of frustration that results in low-self esteem for those that have them.

Patients are increasingly making their way to medical offices to undergo calf and ankle liposuction, which will help remove the fat from the area and provide their lower leg with definition.

Why You Should Consider Cankle Liposuction

While cankles may not be a medically pressing issue, they can be a source of embarrassment. Having them makes people feel self-conscious to wear leg-revealing clothing types and often opt out of recreational activities such as going to the beach.

Without a natural tapering of the legs, the cankles can cause the legs to be less aesthetically pleasing. It’s important to note that this issue does not only occur in overweight people; excess fat around the lower legs is common for even the fittest of people. Therefore, anyone can technically be an ideal calf and ankle liposuction candidate.

That’s because our genetics play a role in whether we have these stubborn pockets of fat in the first place. Sometimes our genetic tendency is so high that even when we’ve taken the month of dedication at the gym and have started eating better, the cankles persist, making cosmetic surgery the optimal solution.

How Calf and Ankle Lipo Works

Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, given its ability to quickly remove fat from a given area of the body. The procedure involves placing incisions around the calf and ankles and then inserting a cannula which is a device that is designed to remove fat via suction.

Once the fat has been removed, stitches and dissolvable sutures are placed. You will administer compression garments to help deal with swelling.

A Better Form of Cankle Reduction

Elite Body Sculpture provides patients with the optimal form of calf and ankle reduction thanks to patented AirSculpt technology. Patients enjoy quick, smooth results and a short downtime thanks to the precise nature of this automated treatment. 

The AirSculpt® CankCüre™ doesn’t use scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia to ensure that patients achieve a safe and comfortable form of fat removal.

To get started, call our Orlando office for your free consultation to get started working with us.


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