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Turkey Neck Treatments: Reviewing Your Different Options 

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It looks fine on a turkey, but most people are willing to go to any lengths to get rid of it. A 'turkey neck' develops when the neck muscles weaken, and the skin's elasticity reduces.

The main culprits of sagging neck skin are age and sun exposure. While controlling how you age is practically impossible, keeping your skin hydrated is something you can help yourself with.

That being said, avoid smoking and unnecessary sun exposure. But be ready to face your genetics; it's a natural process of life. Yet, you can make changes to your body with the help of the ever-advancing cosmetic market.

Turkey Neck Treatments

While working out the neck muscles can make them stronger and more pronounced, the effects will work very little to tighten the sagging skin.

Sagging skin, being the leading cause of the 'turkey neck,' 

requires cosmetic surgeries or treatments to ensure the results that you're looking for.

Some of these procedures are non-invasive, meaning that they aren't surgical in any form or fashion, while some are. There's also a mix between the two, known as a minimally invasive procedure, that can garner substantial results.

The proper procedure for you tends to depend on a wide array of factors, such as your age, skin elasticity, and the severity of the condition.


A List Of Traditional Turkey Neck Traditions


If you're someone with vertical lines on your neck, injections can help reduce the neck muscles' activity, giving your skin a more relaxed appearance. 

Botox treatments are generally very short to perform and require no substantial recovery time. Results last about three months, meaning consistent sessions are necessary to keep the effect.

Laser Skin Tightening

Laser treatments are generally used to treat loose skin without the use of inicisons. Multiple sessions are usually required to achieve substantial results.

The recovery time is minimal compared to more invasive procedures, but the results aren't permanent.

Turkey Neck Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries used to treat turkey neck are facelifts, cheek lifts, and neck lifts. 

A facelift uses a scalpel to tighten and lift the weak facial and neck muscles by removing excess skin to form a smoother appearance. The neck lift and cheek lift follow the same procedure for their respective areas of the body.

They tend to be performed individually or simultaneously, depending on the requested results of the patient.

The procedure in itself is a surgery, meaning that potential risks and medical complications could arise if done under an inexperienced surgeon's hands.

The Best Bet: A Chin AirSculpt® Procedure

If you want profound results without the need for invasive surgery, undergoing the Chin AirSculpt® is your best option.

It's a minimally invasive process that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia, with a brief downtime of two days.

Fat is removed with a delicate process for permanent results, and then the neck's skin can be tightened with AirSculpt® +. This innovative technique uses a proprietary form of plasma energy to tighten the skin of any treated area from within. This approach uses the same two-millimeter-wide entryway that Chin AirSculpt® uses, meaning no stitches are needed to heal, and scars are minimal, if they form at all. 


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