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Under Chin Fat Removal: Demystifying the Many Choices

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The unwanted buildup of fat in the neck and under your jaw can form a bulky and rounded facial appearance. It's commonly known as the double chin and has been the reason why men and women have been on Google searching for 'home neck exercises' to no avail.

The Variety of Procedures For Under Chin Fat Removal

Chin Liposuction

Other patients have decided to undergo more invasive methods such as chin liposuction to sculpt their jawline. 

The under-chin fat removal procedure consists of making incisions on the chin and inserting a cannula, a vacuum-like rod to extract the fat from the area. 

Optimal results become present around one to three months after. The normal side effects are bruising, minor pain, swelling, and scarring.

The recovery time after getting chin liposuction is around two weeks.

Injectable Treatments

These procedures may be less invasive than under chin fat surgery; nevertheless, this does not mean that they're a better option. 

Injectable treatments consist of injecting deoxycholic acid into the chin area. The acid is a compound that naturally generates in the body, responsible for breaking down fat in the body. 

Aside from being an incision-free process, the procedure is still painful, and its cost-efficiency is low. Results from this procedure imply many expenses, given that you have to undergo various sessions, spaced apart by weeks, to get results.

The Better Under Chin Fat Removal Procedure

It's implicit that the procedures above can deliver results, but they can run the dangers of grave risks. 

Therefore, the happy medium would be to find a procedure that offers the permanent results of liposuction, yet without the invasive aspects of the process like non-surgical methods, and it being void of risks. 

That under chin fat removal procedure exists, it's called the Chin AirSculpt by Elite Body Sculpture. AirSculpt technology is groundbreaking for fat removal, considering its unmatched precision and safety.

Elite Body Sculpture understands that patients want to make changes to their bodies without the risks of surgery involved. Making changes to your appearance should be a decision filled with doubts or regrets.

The patented AirSculpt technology allows you to seamlessly remove fat from your body without the need for incisions, needles, general anesthesia, or scarring. 

The technology used is the AirSculpt cannula, specifically designed to pluck fat from your body as if it was berries from a bush, unlike liposuction, which is akin to grating your fat like parmesan cheese.

Elite Body Sculpture Dallas 

Our primary focus isn't to only make changes to your appearance, but your confidence as well. At Elite Body Sculpture, we prioritize details, ranging from the expert staff that we hire to the technology we implement.

If you're ready to take on this experience, go to Elite Body Sculpture Dallas to get started with your first consultation. 


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