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What Causes Fat To Develop Above the Knees?

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While it's not as common as questions on how to lose inner thigh fat or slim down outer thighs, there are occasions where people are struggling with excess fat surrounding their knees.

Before we get into more details, it must be abundantly clear that it is impossible to spot-reduce fat from anywhere on your body. We cannot dictate where we want fat loss to occur, and it can only be achieved by progressively reducing your overall body fat.

The Causes Of Knee Fat

What causes fat above the knees? Significant amounts of factors actually cause it. Some of these we can control, and some of them we cannot.


The common factor for saggy knees is aging. Our skin loses its elasticity as we grow older, causing it to sag in ways we would never expect. 

 It's a typical result of getting older, and it will happen to everyone, but not to the same extent.

Several studies demonstrate that taking collagen supplements can help improve your skin's elasticity; therefore, adding it to your daily regime can likely change the degree to which your knees begin to sag.


With age, our metabolism also slows down. That means our body doesn't burn calories as fast as it used to.

This causes unprecedented weight gain for most people, with the newly added fat being distributed throughout your body, including the knees.

Your metabolism in itself may not just be the culprit. You may have developed unhealthy eating habits and are consuming excessive calories, leading to excess fat.

You Don't Exercise

Sometimes, the knee fat isn't fat. It's the fact that your muscles aren't toned or strengthened enough, causing less definition and more sag around your lower legs.

Therefore, take the time to implement resistance training into your lifestyle. That doesn't mean you must go to the gym and lift heavy weights, but you should not depend on weight-loss exercises such as cardio.

Getting Rid of Knee Fat

Your best bet is cardio exercises if you want to get fat above the knees with a natural approach. As we said before, you can't spot-reduce fat, meaning that doing leg exercises won't burn off the fat in the area.

Cardio gets your whole body moving and effectively burns off calories, progressively leading to losing fat around your knees.

Exercise, of course, has to be coupled with a proper diet. Make sure you're maintaining a caloric deficit, where you consume fewer calories than needed to maintain your current weight.

You can lose up to a pound of fat per week from your body if you eat 500 fewer calories daily.

Elite Body Sculpture's Solution

Head over to Elite Body Sculpture in Houston for the Knee AirSculpt®. The minimally invasive procedure doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to remove fat and help tighten skin from your knees, providing you with among the most comfortable results in the city.

For more information on how we can help you, come to our Houston office to schedule your free consultation. 


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