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What You Should Do About a Botched Injection Lipolysis Procedure

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Injection lipolysis is a procedure to reduce fat with a series of ingredients, such as deoxycholic acid. It is marketed as a safe, non-invasive alternative to liposuction. 

Injection lipolysis is designed to treat areas with minor amounts of fat, such as the jaw, midsection, chin, and inner thighs. As in liposuction, these injections have the function of contouring the body and should not be referred to as a weight-loss solution.

These injections do not have skin-tightening benefits; therefore, any claim of doing so would be inaccurate.

Are These Procedures Permanent?

Lipolysis injections are designed to remove fat cells from your body. Certain chemicals break down the fat, while others help with digestion and disposal of the broken-down material.

Therefore, the fat loss effects are claimed to be permanent. Nonetheless, if you fluctuate your weight, the fat cells in other areas of your body can expand or shrink in size, altering your results from their desired state. Furthermore, not all of the fat cells are fully broken down. Instead, some are merely emptied, meaning they can re-inflate and cause results to reverse.

Do These Injections Work?

survey conducted by RealSelf reported that only 59 percent of its users that have undergone these injections would categorize the experience as worth their time.

Those who did not favor the procedure reported excessive pain, scarring, and irregularities, plus minimal improvements on the treatment site.

Is The Procedure Safe?

Studies report that you should avoid injection lipolysis if: 

  1. You're pregnant or nursing
  2. You have heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disorders, or infections
  3. You're on aspirin therapy
  4. You have soy allergies, given that the mixture of ingredients is soy-based.

Serious risks and side effects from lipolysis injections can be infection, disfigurements, and tissue necrosis. 

In the rare case you've undergone a botched treatment, certain injection lipolysis revision procedures can help. 

Solutions For Botched Injection Lipolysis

Elite Body Sculpture enables patients to delicately sculpt away mistakes of a past procedure like injectible lipolysis.

When a treatment doesn't go as planned, you could sometimes end up with asymmetrical or uneven results that will have you feeling less confident than before the treatment.

We believe that anyone should have the opportunity to get the changes that their body deserves, even if past procedures have failed. Our AirSculpt® Injection Revision is a minimally invasive procedure that removes fat with enhanced finesse and less risk than traditional liposuction. Using a robotic plucking motion, our technique plucks fat cell by cell without a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia. Patients can address any sort of mistake, from lumpy results to uneven fat reduction. 

Our advanced fat removal and transfer techniques will deliver a smooth contour with just 24 to 48 hours of downtime. Schedule your free consultation at our Austin office or one of our several locations worldwide. 


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