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AirSculpt For Double Chins: Exploring Some Key Benefits

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AirSculpt® technology aims to improve patients' facial features without invasive surgical techniques used within traditional liposuction.

This shift in how fat removal is performed makes AirSculpt® the next generation of aesthetic procedures.  When changing the look of your neck and chin region, Chin AirSculpt® can precisely enhance the facial features, sharpen your jawline, and significantly minimize the risks associated with traditional surgery.

AirSculpt® Is At The Forefront of Quality Results

What makes AirSculpt® procedures an excellent choice for patients who want to feel more comfortable in the operating room is that they don't use scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia. That means your recovery period will be much shorter, and you'll be wide awake during the entire procedure.

Suppose you are curious about seeing how AirSculpt® procedures work in real-time. In that case, you can check out the AirSculpt® TV series to get a full view of patients' fat removal sessions and get their live testimony about their experience when being interviewed by the founder and creator of AirSculpt®, Dr. Aaron Rollins.

Here we'll refer to a few benefits Dr. Aaron Rollins mentioned in the very first AirSculpt® TV episode, which featured a chin fat removal treatment.  

 Chin AirSculpt® Efficiently Removes Double Chins

The beauty of Chin AirSculpt® is that it takes as little as 20 minutes to complete. Once you're out of the operating, you'll notice immediate changes, and while they are not your final results, you'll progressively see how they improve weekly. On average, final results can be obtained in about three to six months.

With AirSculpt® procedures for double chins you won't feel any significant pain; what you'll feel at most is an electric toothbrush-like vibration near your neck. Compare that with traditional chin liposuction, which abrasively scrapes away fat in such a grueling manner that if often requires general anesthesia. 

Chin AirSculpt® also can help your entire body look thinner because the face plays a critical role in how one's figure appears. This added benefit often encourages patients to adopt new exercise routines right away, capitalizing upon the quick recovery time and lack of stitches.

Additionally, the mechanical AirSculpt® technique can clearly distinguish between the jaw and chin, giving you a more pronounced profile without invasive surgery.

In terms of recovery, Chin AirSculpt® only has a downtime of up to 48 hours. Patients should begin taking walks even before this period has elapsed, but strenuous activity should be avoided for about two weeks. 

Therefore, if you want to undergo the next generation of body sculpting, call the AirSculpt® office nearest you to schedule your complimentary consultation.


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