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Chin contouring has become a popular way for men and women to refine their complexions. That excess fat often seems out of place, seemingly impossible to get rid of despite effort exerted in the gym. 

"If I finally lost those 20 pounds," you might think, "then why in the world won't this double chin go away?" And you wouldn't be alone. Some of us are just genetically prone to having our jaws hide away under submental fat.

 In addition to minimally invasive AirSculpt®, the market is flooded with implant and filler options to accentuate the chin and jawline. There are also noninvasive body contouring options, as well as traditional routes like traditional liposuction. So why have chin procedures gotten so popular? Perhaps it's like any other trend, but we at Elite have our own theory.

The Impact of Chin and Neck Fat 

After Chin AirSculpt®, many patients often find their friends asking them when they lost weight. It's no question how much one's facial definition impacts their overall figure. 

Losing fat through weight-loss means can't even match the results as AirSculpt®, since our technology precisely and permanently plucks away the specific fat cells that are hiding your jaw. Patients often are motivated, however, to embark on weight-loss journeys of their own after seeing their new face. 

Getting Chin AirSculpt® inspires Elite Body Sculpture patients time and time again to make a healthy change in their lives. Seeing their face own stunning, natural proportions pushes our patients to make the changes needed to become the best versions of themselves. 

Chins as Catalysts for Change

AirSculpt® encourages lasting change in patients. Getting sculpted is just the beginning phase of a change in pace toward a healthy, long-lasting life.  

The looming health threat of obesity affects the daily lives of over one-third of American adults. Most of these are hard-working members of society with caring families and plenty for which to live. Our health statistics reflect a population trying to lose weight steadily to avoid the ever-present threat of obesity. 

Losing weight means changing our lifestyles, and many of us are set in our ways. So you can imagine why so many have sworn off diets, assuming they're a temporary solution. This search for a method to lose weight permanently plagues Americans, not because it's impossible, but because we can't maintain the motivation. We don't stay the course because we can't stay inspired. It may seem bold to declare that we simply don't care enough to stay the course, but well, life gets in the way. 

That's how Chin AirSculpt® has changed so many lives here in the nation's capital. If you're ready to sculpt the perfect jawline in just 20 minutes, visit or call Elite Body Sculpture D.C. today.


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