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Dealing With Lipedema Fat, Los Angeles? Give Your Legs a Break Today

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Although it is not commonly known, lipedema is a condition that affects more than 17 million women in the United States every year. The number of women diagnosed with this condition continues to grow and has a lot of us in Los Angeles thinking about a solution to this disorder and how to stop it from affecting more people's lives.

For those who don't know, this disorder causes abnormal growth and enlargement of both lower limbs due to the existence of fat deposits under the skin. Most times, lipedema can be misdiagnosed as being overweight or severe cellulite. Still, this disorder continues to be a scientific mystery because there's no specific reason as to why it appears and affects women worldwide.

There are several stages to lipedema and how it affects people. No matter if you suffer from it in your legs or arms, the amount of lipedema fat can increase severely, causing extreme pain, growth in size, impact on joints, or loss of mobility.

The diagnosis starts from Stage 1, the mildest of all where there's an increase of fat, causing enlarged subcutaneous adipose tissue. Stage 2 and 3 are characterized by its appearance on the skin, showing uneven skin areas with indentations in the fat tissue, and large amounts of fatty tissue causing deformations, especially on the knees and thighs.

The Situation: Lipedema in LA

Here in Los Angeles, there are more than ten thousand cases of women who suffer from lipedema, and as we have mentioned, lipedema gets worse every day. It can affect our self-esteem, daily routine, and, of course, our health. From severe pain and bruising to overall discomfort, this disorder can affect motion, sensation, and legs.

Determining the stage of lipedema at the time of the diagnosis is essential because it helps to understand the severity of the case and how it can be solved. Several procedures can help with this disorder, but there's one that allows the best results at the best possible time. 

How Can Lipedema be Treated?

Physiotherapy and exercise are the usual treatments for treating lipedema, even though the leading cause of the disorder is unknown. Physiotherapy can preserve and help your mobility and maintain it over time while exercise supports overall well-being and helps slow down the disease's progression.

Compression treatments, massages, and appropriate nutrition and dieting can also reduce lipedema effects. Still, in cases where all these efforts don't seem adequate enough to overcome the problems associated with this disorder, surgical tissue removal can be the solution.

In LA, there's a solution to relieve the stress from suffering from lipedema in your legs. Traditional liposuction can help with the removal of unwanted fat from your legs and other areas. Still, AirSculpt ®, on the other hand, can be the solution that delivers better results and overall experience.

AirSculpt® as Lipedema Surgery

Using patented AirSculpt technology, both lower limbs can be treated by collecting and removing the unwanted excess fat, cell by cell, while simultaneously tightening your skin. Our process uses a pen that releases a pressured puff of air rather than using a scalpel, which means we don't use stitches or leave you with prominent, notorious everlasting scars.

Our treatment allows for better lymphatic drainage as well as balanced limb proportions. The process typically treats inner thighs, calves, ankles, knees, and rear thighs, helping you return to normal-size looking and feeling legs that you've always wanted.

The main benefit of AirSculpt as a lipedema treatment is its minimal invasiveness, allowing you, the patient, to receive the best results possible. The before and after photos of AirSculpt talk for themselves, letting you know that they are indeed a good option for reducing the size of lipedema in your legs.

Where to Treat Lipedema in Los Angeles

Using our patented fat removal techniques, AirSculpt can target the subcutaneous adipose tissue and remove the excess fat without any extreme pain or discomfort as other procedures.

Thanks to the continuous development of AirSculpt, it is available in most cities around the country. Here in Los Angeles, it is located minutes away from Rodeo Drive & right in the heart of Beverly Hills.

Our prepared team will help you prepare for your lipedema treatment and answer any questions you may have and set a consultation. Let us help give your legs a break, returning to the look you've always wanted as well as helping you feel better from the day you leave our office.

This pristine and luxurious experience is everything a woman would like. Although AirSculpt® is not curative, it can improve mobility, improve functionality for daily living, and reduce pain to enhance your quality of life.


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