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Dealing With Uneven Results After Stomach Liposuction? AirSculpt Can Fix That!

Dealing With Uneven Results After Stomach Liposuction? AirSculpt Can Fix That!

There are several cases of women with a slim physique that several would envy. Yet, like many women, there's one part of the body that they may not be satisfied with, usually the belly.

It's likely that many such women decided to get liposuction and were promised excellent results for low prices. Given the benefits explained to them, they underwent various liposuction procedures throughout the body, but the results were unexpected.

They were uneven, or the surgeons had removed an excess amount of fat, and as a result, they were told that simply more time was needed for results to get better; however, that often isn't the case.

Botched Liposuction

That's the issue with specific liposuction procedures nowadays; they're not as high-quality as they seem due to the ever-increasing popularity. Due to the high demand for cosmetic procedures, surgeons are now offering them within their practice without the necessary experience. While also offering lower prices, patients are drawn to choosing these practices over those of results-driven and experienced surgeons.

Some of the issues that arise from these botched procedures are excess extraction or too little fat removal from the belly area. This can cause asymmetrical results and irregularities such as lumps and ripples around the midsection.

One of the main problems is that these botched results are not noticeable until after months, given that one usually has to wait up to 3 months to get to realize the final results of the procedure.

How Do I Prevent This?

The best thing you should do to avoid uneven stomach liposuction is by picking a board-certified surgeon. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons has a list of certified practitioners within your region to provide you with a quality procedure.

It's best that you also use the internet to read reviews to get a better perspective of the general satisfaction of your potential surgeon's patients. It's even more helpful than having a consultation with the surgeon and asking as many questions as you'd like. A great surgeon has nothing to hide; therefore, make sure that you leave that meeting with a certain idea of what's best for you.

The Best Revision Surgery in Miami

Now that you know what to look out for, be sure that you do your best to make the optimal choices when picking a fat removal procedure. Elite Body Sculpture in Miami offers the optimal procedures in the city, known for its quality surgeons and impeccably sculpted results with the help of the patented AirSculpt technology.

In the case that you've undergone a previously botched liposuction, Elite Body Sculpture's Corrective AirSculpt® is a precision-engineered, minimally invasive technique that can resolve any irregularities from past surgeries with ease.

We're the most comfortable and accurate revision surgery in Miami, given that we don't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia to resolve the mistakes of past surgeons.

For more information on how we can help you, come to our Miami office to schedule your free consultation. 


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