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Exploring Why Zoom is Driving A Chin Liposuction Boom

Exploring Why Zoom is Driving A Chin Liposuction Boom

The impact of COVID-19 has been evident in various aspects of our lifestyle and the global workforce. It has also impacted the realm of plastic surgery, though not in a way you might expect. 

Something new has occurred, in which remote-working tools such as Zoom have made its users self-conscious about their face's appearance.

As a result, inquiries about procedures designed to change their neck's appearance have become more common since seeing one's double chin during every work-meeting is quite the motivating factor. 

Cosmetic surgeries tend to be most convenient for those who work from a home office because they can take the time to recover and work in the comfort of their abode. Plus, social media has pressured many to reconsider how to feel about their bodies, as it has made going to the surgeon's office a standard addition to the experience of one's life.

Procedures That Will Help You Hide Your Double Chin On Zoom

One of the main procedures that people resort to is chin liposuction. It's the most traditional of the processes and has gained its fame to remove fat by applying incisions around the neck and then inserting a cannula to suction it.

People are also turning to less invasive procedures such as Kybella, an injectable treatment of deoxycholic acid that dissolves excess fat in the neck. 

Nevertheless, liposuction and Kybella have their issues. Liposuction is a procedure that uses general anesthesia with a regularly invasive technique, resulting in potential risks and medical complications, not to mention large scars and uneven results. 

Kybella is less invasive, but the procedural time is much more extensive. It's recommended that you undergo the injection treatment multiple times, with each session spread weeks apart for optimal results. That will involve a higher dent to your wallet. Additionally, there have been reports of medical complications and overall pain with the procedure regardless of the non-invasive technique.

The Best Solution for a Zoom Chin

Better than chin liposuction to counteract your Zoom-based problems is the Chin AirSculpt® by Elite Body Sculpture. This minimally invasive chin fat removal process is the safest and most precise on the market.

It's better than the previously mentioned alternatives due to it offering 2-for-1 benefits. Chin AirSculpt® can seamlessly remove excess fat from your neck without a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia. Furthermore, it also simultaneously tightens your skin thanks to the unique design of our patented cannula. No need for various treatments – you'll walk right out with instant, permanent results sculpted by our expertly trained surgeons. 

If you want to enter your next Zoom meeting confidently, then work with those that will be glad to sculpt your confidence. Head to Elite Body Sculpture for your first consultation. 


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