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Orlando AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Fat Transfer

How Long Will My Orlando Hand Rejuvenation Last? What You Should Know About Fat Grafts

How Long Will My Orlando Hand Rejuvenation Last? What You Should Know About Fat Grafts

Fat grafting, also known as a fat transfer, is a procedure in which a person's appearance is enhanced by extracting fat from one part of the body and injecting it into another area to add volume.

The fat extraction process is done with liposuction. Most areas that patients use to harvest fat are the thighs, hips, abdomen, arms, and neck. After the fat is purified, the fat is then injected to provide an optimal contour.

While you may have heard this being done on women to augment the size of their breasts or buttocks, the procedure has shown excellent results for rejuvenating hands. 

The fat is used as a filler to fill out hands that have lost their plump skin and elasticity due to aging. 

The Causes Of Aging Hands

As we age, we stop producing collagen, which is a protein that gives our hands a firm, plump look. Our skin elasticity also dissipates, making it much thinner, causing the bones and tendons of our hands to protrude.

While this is entirely normal, it's something that men and women would like to revert. That's because the hands are the part of the body that can easily give away our age.

Dermal Fillers

One of the most common forms of hand rejuvenation treatments is dermal fillers. These are synthetic materials that are biologically safe, being injected into our hands to fill in the lack of plump tissue and firm skin.

The only caveat with dermal fillers is that they're not permanent. Their results last at most a year.

AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Fat Transfer

The AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Fat Transfer is a minimally invasive treatment that seamlessly gives your hand a youthful appearance with a precision-engineered technique.

The half-hour process extracts fat from one part of your body without using a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia. This means that the procedures are performed on you while you're awake, making for a safe and painless experience. The fat is then mechanically injected into your hands, giving you the desired appearance.

Therefore, you're able to get natural results without having to resort to dermal fillers that expire after a year. 

How Long Do Hand Fat Transfers Last?

The results from a hand fat transfer should be relatively permanent if you maintain your weight. In the case that you significantly lose weight, you may lose the effects of the procedure on your hands, yet it's generally not likely. 

When losing a significant amount of weight, the arms, lower body, and belly tend to be the areas that burn fat first. We also deliberately inject slightly more material than is needed to account for the body's natural reabsorption of fat after a graft.

Work With Elite Body Sculpture

Elite Body Sculpture is proud to provide Orlando with the optimal hand rejuvenation treatment. We work under the philosophy that all procedures are to be safe and accurate for all patients. 

If you agree with us, come to our Orlando office to schedule your first consultation. 


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