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Is AirSculpt® Lipedema Treatment My Best Option in Chicago?

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Lipedema affects more than 17 million women in the United States every year. The continuous growth of individuals diagnosed with this condition has a lot of us in Chicago wondering which solutions would be best to prevent this disorder from taking over our lives.

Lipedema creates an abnormal enlargement of both lower limbs due to a genetic excess of fat deposits under the skin. Most times, it is misdiagnosed as a patient simply being overweight or having severe cellulite. Still, lipedema continues to be a scientific mystery because there's no specific reason as to why it appears and affects women worldwide.

Just in Chicago alone, thousands of women suffer from lipedema yearly, and as we've come to know, with time, this condition gets worse. It can affect our self-esteem, our daily routine, and, most importantly, our health. This disorder not only causes severe pain, bruising, and overall discomfort, but it also reduces range-of-motion and the sensation within and overall look of one's legs.

Several procedures can help, but after viewing before-and-after images of women with lipedema who have been treated with AirSculpt®, you might ask yourself if this is the best option out there for you.

Keep reading to find out why this patented technology can provide more relief than traditional methods.

How Can Lipedema Be Treated?

Even though the leading cause of the disorder is unknown, the usual treatments consist of physiotherapy and exercise. Physiotherapy preserves your mobility and maintains a range of motion over time, while exercise helps with overall wellbeing by slowing down the progression of the disease.

Massages, compression treatments, and appropriate nutrition can also help reduce the effects of lipedema. In cases where all these efforts don't seem effective enough to overcome the problems associated with this disorder, however, surgical tissue removal is generally the recommended solution.

In Chicago, it's quite common to hear that surgery can treat or manage this condition because there is no direct cure for it. Traditional liposuction can aid with the removal of unwanted fat from your legs, but several downsides also exist with this option. These negatives include the established risks associated with liposuction, as well as the procedure's inability to distinguish between types of fat tissue and selectively target the pockets of fat that cause severe pain. Lipedema AirSculpt®, on the other hand, delivers significantly better results and an overall more comfortable experience.

Before & After Lipedema Surgery: The Truth

Most women who suffer from this condition mention that they "feel an incredible amount of weight that you just carry daily." Of course, they mean not only physical weight but also the emotional weight that comes with living with this disorder. 

One of them mentions that her most common activity is to look at before-and-after photos of women that have undergone liposuction for lipedema. Is this the right choice? You might be considering this option, but facing the difficult choice requires extensive research before making any quick decisions.

All practitioners (surgeons, doctors, etc.) that perform any cosmetic procedure that might solve or change a diagnosis have to follow HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws. These establish that all patient information, including personal data and detailed medical history, has to be confidential.  Hence, you might not be getting the full picture of what you're seeing.

Any treatment center that mentions that can "cure" your lipedema and shows complete before-and-after surgeries is not following HIPAA compliant laws and falsely advertises a solution to a severe disorder. Exercise caution if you come across such a location.

AirSculpt® Lipedema Surgery as a Lasting Solution

With patented AirSculpt® technology, both lower limbs can be treated by removing and collecting the unwanted excess fat, cell by cell, while simultaneously tightening your skin. Our process uses a pen that releases a pressured puff of air rather than using a scalpel—which means we don't use stitches or leave you with prominent, everlasting scars.

Our treatment allows for better lymphatic drainage as well as balanced limb proportions. The process typically treats inner thighs, calves, ankles, knees, and rear thighs, helping bring back a normal-size look and feel to your legs.

AirSculpt® is also minimally invasive, a key factor for patients worried about traditional lipo's abrasive technique. 

If you live or are near the Chicago area and want more information about the procedure, the experience, and the benefits of AirSculpt® as a solution for lipedema, be sure to visit our Chicago office, located downtown at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital.


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