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Products and Pointers to Help Address Hand Wrinkles

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Your body goes to go through many changes as the years pass by. It's a natural part of all of our lives. Yet, these visible signs of aging are going to be more apparent on your hands.

While many of us have ways to care for our face with a proper routine, hand-care isn't a thing. It practically isn't possible. The wrinkles and thin skin will come.

While you can't prevent aging and thinning skin, there are ways to counterattack it. Within this article are a few suggestions to keep your hands looking more youthful.

Why Do My Hands Look Wrinkled?

Your hands wear and tear because they're used almost constantly. Due to this frequent use, the skin creases lose their elasticity. Some of the reasons behind this occurring include the following:

  1. Aging
  2. Constantly washing hands
  3. Dehydration
  4. Exposure to chemicals
  5. Dishwashing
  6. Excess exposure to the sun
  7. Smoking

Hand Wrinkle Remedies

Protect Yourself From The Sun

Extreme sun exposure is linked to sunspots, pigmentation issues, and wrinkles. Ultraviolet radiation is often underlooked, but it's the primary factor, by a lot, as to why skin aging begins in the first place.

That said, your hands need regular protection from the sun to avoid any long-term damage. One of the best ways to help out is by applying sunscreen to your hands.

Do it every day for the rest of your life; it should be an essential part of your routine, just like brushing your teeth.

Hydrate Frequently

Your body needs to stay hydrated to keep your cells and tissues refreshed. Water is also essential for functions such as flushing out toxins, aiding with digestion and keeping your skin healthy.

Dehydrated skin can turn weak and thin, leading to wrinkles. Therefore, start aiming to drink eight cups of water a day!

Hand Creams

Use a hand cream that contains glycerin and alpha-hydroxy acids, beneficial ingredients that humidify your skin to give it that smooth appearance and feel.

The lack of moisture makes the top layer of your skin thin and cracked due to the space left between the skin cells. Softening agents found in these creams help fill in these empty spaces.

Exfoliate Your Hands

As we age, the skin's natural exfoliation process tends not to work as well, resulting in a bunch of built-dead skin cells all over your hands.

Exfoliate your hands with a scrubbing agent to get rid of the dead cells; you'll immediately see the difference. 

How To Remove Hand Wrinkles

One of the optimal ways to remove hand wrinkles is with the AirSculpt® Hand Rejuvenation Fat Transfer by Elite Body Sculpture.

The procedure is a minimally invasive fat transfer that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia, giving your hands a smooth, youthful appearance. Patients can plump up their hands and remove fine lines and wrinkles with the most innovative and power-automated body contouring tech around.

To experience the next generation of handle wrinkle remedies, head to Elite Body Sculpture Atlanta for your first consultation. 


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