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Several Different Leg Fat Reduction Methods, Broken Down

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There's nothing wrong with a bit of thigh fat. But as we all know, anything can be good in moderation. It can be pretty frustrating to get rid of if you have excess thigh fat.

Fortunately, several methods are available to help you reduce unwanted body fat. Exercise and a healthy diet are often recommended as the first approach.

Cosmetic procedures such as nonsurgical fat removal and liposuction can be effective. Still, it requires a significant monetary investment, and there are risks that one should measure before deciding.

The following methods we'll present, mixed between natural and medical procedures, will give you a broad view of treating your thigh fat.

Exercise Programs

Physical activity has several positive benefits for overall health and longevity and is one of the surest solutions to preventing chronic diseases.

Regular exercise can effectively tone and give your legs more strength. Yet, that doesn't mean that exercise helps burn fat around your legs.

We can't choose where fat loss occurs. Therefore, do not believe that doing leg-targeted exercises will do wonders for reducing them; they will only help build muscle.

Nutrition Plans

You'll also be able to reduce the fat in your thighs by changing your diet. While exercise can burn calories, fat loss is likely to occur when you enter a caloric deficit via dieting.

Eating less sugar, drinking fewer alcoholic beverages and more water, and doing physical activity every day will be more helpful in giving you slimmer legs compared to the countless fat-loss gimmicks that are marketed today.

Nonsurgical Fat Removal

Nonsurgical fat removal procedures are used to destroy fat cells with controlled blasts of extreme temperatures. The treatment consists of placing a device around the legs that emit thermal, ultrasound, or laser energy, depending on the specific method. 

Multiple treatment sessions are required, each spread a month apart to obtain optimal results. Results are not as dramatic as leg liposuction with this route. 

Leg Liposuction

Liposuction is the surgical removal of fat and has been an effective treatment for excess fat around the legs for many years. 

Liposuction involves placing small incisions around the legs and inserting a cannula to suction the fat.

Risks of undergoing liposuction can be pain, swelling, excess bleeding, and sensitivity to touch on the skin. In worse cases, if liposuction is improperly performed, it can provide uneven results. Furthermore, most traditional liposuction procedures require the patient to be under general anesthesia due to the invasive nature of these approaches. 

Elite Body Sculpture's Leg AirSculpt

Elite Body Sculpture is proud to provide patients with the optimal form of leg fat removal in San Diego. The minimally invasive Leg AirSculpt® doesn't use scalpels, stitches, needles, or general anesthesia to give you a dramatic new aesthetic.

This approach was designed to offer effective and dramatic liposuction results without the traditional technique's invasive characteristics. Plus, with AirSculpt, there are no sessions, just gently sculpted results that are smooth and long-lasting. No treatment comes close to the cost-effectiveness of this patented technique. 

Call our San Diego office for your free consultation to learn more about our approach and different areas we can target on the leg with AirSculpt.


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