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Sitting Down After BBL Surgery: How to Do It And What To Expect

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The Brazilian Butt Lift is a natural contouring process that uses a patient's fat tissue from other areas of their body to be used as filler to augment the buttocks. This procedure has surged in popularity over recent years as a more suitable replacement for implants.

By reshaping them, men and women looking to add more volume to their buttocks can redefine their silhouette via this procedure. Yet, the treatment in itself has an extensive recovery with guidelines that must be followed, such as not sitting down after the surgery.

What's a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is the official term for a fat transfer to buttocks procedure. It's a cosmetic enhancement that uses a patient's fat tissue to change the shape and volume of the buttocks. 

Excess fat is collected from the body via liposuction on the abdomen, thighs, and hips. Once the fat has been extracted, it's purified, so only healthy cells are used for the fat transfer process.

These fat cells are then placed back into the butt to provide a shapelier and more voluminous contour. The BBL is less invasive and has a quicker recovery than its widely-known counterpart, buttocks implants. Yet, there are post-procedure instructions that should be followed since it's up to you to make sure that the transferred fat finely establishes itself within its new environment.

What To Expect After a BBL

Common practice after a Brazilian Butt Lift is that you wear a compression garment to add pressure to the areas of the body where liposuction was performed to reduce swelling and bruising.

The compression garments also help the body begin its healing process by promoting blood flow and circulation. It's normal to feel certain discomfort, slight bleeding, bruising, and numbness. These are just temporary side effects that subside within the first two weeks of recovery.

How To Properly Sit After A BBL

There are some temporary restrictions after a fat transfer to the buttocks.

That's because the newly transferred fat is fragile and needs time to adapt to its new environment within the buttocks. Fat needs blood to survive. Therefore the blood vessels must combine with the target area to provide oxygen and nutrients to the fat cells.

It's a process that takes time and requires extensive care. Therefore, patients must avoid sitting directly on the buttocks for at least three weeks after the surgery.

That also includes not applying pressure to the buttocks when you sleep, so lying on your stomach or your side is an adjustment that you'll have to make for that time as well. 

Only sit as needed and for only short periods. Failing to do so will shift the transplanted fat and dislodge it from the strategic area it was placed in.

One way this can be counteracted is by buying a donut-shaped pillow. While this still doesn't mean you should sit for extended periods, the pillow is designed to shift the weight to your thighs when sitting down. Patients that are returning to work usually use this and also temporarily use a standing desk.

Elite Body Sculpture Will Help You Recover Faster

One of most patients' main complaints with traditional Brazilian Butt LIfts is that its recovery period is too extensive. While sitting is limited, other lifestyle routine activities are limited for months as well. 

For example, strenuous exercise cannot be done until after the first two months of recovery. Even after three months, swelling can exist, and sometimes patients have to wait up to six months to see the final results of their BBL.

All in all, a traditional Brazilian Butt Lift does not allow for a comfortable recovery process, and that's why patients are still searching for more suitable alternatives that can give them the right results without the hassle.

That's where Elite Body Sculpture comes into play.

Elite Body Sculpture developed their cosmetic procedure with their patient's comfort in mind. That's why we're able to provide patients with a BBL that delivers results that are just as significant or better than a traditional procedure but without the invasive characteristics of surgery.


The state-of-the-art AirSculpt® Power BBL™ can collect fat and transfer it to the buttocks using incisions, needles, stitches, or general anesthesia. 

Benefits of the AirSculpt® Power BBL™ include that patients can sculpt their buttocks while they're awake. They don't have to worry about considerable scarring, but most importantly, they don't have to endure such a long recovery.

The average recovery from our Brazilian Butt Lift is about three weeks, compared to a two to three-month process for a traditional BBL. That means you'll be able to sit on your buttocks in no time and can even hit the gym sooner than expected.

Work With Us Today

Elite Body Sculpture wants to mark a difference within the cosmetic community. No one should have to deal with risks or unwanted medical complications when deciding to change their body.

That's why we make sure that our patients have the most comfortable and accurate BBL on the market, thanks to the use of our advanced and precise technology.

We're the next generation of body sculpting, which is why several cosmetic circles marvel at our AirSculpt® Power BBL™. 

To get started with us to obtain the buttocks of your dreams, call one of our Elite Body Sculpture locations to schedule your free consultation. 


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