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Austin AirSculpt® 48-Hour Six Pack™

The Best Surgery For Men to Get a Six-Pack In Austin Fast 

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Men in relatively good shape who desire a six-pack look and muscular abdomen are ideal candidates for an abdominal etching procedure.

Abdominal etching surgery uses liposuction to accentuate and chisel the tummy, giving the stomach a sculpted appearance.

Six-Pack Surgery Technique

Abdominal etching is often done with traditional liposuction, which consists of removing and sculpting the fatty tissue under the skin. Before the procedure, several markings are made on the patient's contracted abdomen.

Small incisions are created around the abdomen, and then fat is removed from certain areas to accentuate the muscles. 

Patients are often under general anesthesia during traditional liposuction-based abdominal etching. Downtime can last up to one week, with several months needed for a full recovery.

After The Surgery

Since most abdominal etching procedures use abrasive tools and techniques, general anesthesia is required.

You will experience bruising and swelling. To subdue the swelling, you will have to wear a compression garment for around three to six weeks.

Patients can return to work after a week and return to their exercise routines after three weeks. The full effect of the surgery should be apparent after six months.

The Optimal Abdominal Procedure in Austin

As we reviewed, abdominal etching is an invasive process with potential medical complications due to its use of general anesthesia and manual, outdated tools.

By contrast, the AirSculpt® 48-Hour Six Pack™ is a minimally invasive procedure that delivers precise, permanent results without using a scalpel, needle, or stitches. Our exclusive cannula provides surgeons with unmatched finesse by allowing them to remove stomach fat cell-by-cell with a gentle plucking motion.

Patients stay fully awake the entire time, return to work in just one to two days, and experience immediate results that continue improving for weeks. 

How Does The AirSculpt® 48-Hour Six Pack™ Work?

The AirSculpt® 48-Hour Six Pack™ is performed as follows:

  1. The Elite Body Sculpture surgeon uses an AirPen to numb the abdomen. This needleless device uses pressurized air to administer a topical anesthetic. 
  2. A biopsy punch forms a 2-millimeter opening on the treatment area without scalpel cuts.
  3. After a local anesthetic is applied, the AirSculpt® cannula extracts the fat in between and above the patient's individual abdominal muscles with mechanical precision.
  4. The cannula is removed, and the two-millimeter openings on the stomach are naturally left to heal, leaving an unnoticeable scar only the size of a freckle.

Why Pick Elite Body Sculpture?

Elite Body Sculpture's exclusive AirSculpt® experience ensures permanent results with greater accuracy and less risk than traditional alternatives.

We developed our patented process under the premise that sculpting changes your body should be a smooth, spa-like experience. 

That's why most of our procedures are considered 'lunchtime procedures'; they're quick treatments that will offer permanent results without the hassles that traditional procedures come with.

For more information, head to Elite Body Sculpture Austin to get started with your first consultation.


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