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What Are the Differences Between Lipedema Fat and Normal Fat?

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Many people confuse lipedema fat and general fat that forms as a result of being overweight. Though they may appear similar, that isn't at all the case. There's a clear difference between regular fat and lipedema fatty tissue that the trained eye can pick out.

Lipedema is a condition associated with the buildup of subcutaneous fat. Our organs, like the liver and kidney, require fat tissue to function correctly.

Changes In Fat Within Our Body

The untrained eye will not recognize your condition as lipedema and may categorize it as obesity.

Individuals with lipedema can lose overall weight and decrease their total body fat percentage, yet the change is significantly less than those who are obese.

Losing weight is a very different experience between those that have lipedema and don't. Fat tissue surrounding the legs will not decrease through natural means such as dieting and exercise if you have lipedema.

The Difference In Levels of Glucose

Another key difference between patients with lipedema and those that are obese is the level of plasma glucose.

Individuals with lipedema will have a slightly lower blood sugar level than those that are obese.

Patients diagnosed with lipedema have lower blood sugar even after consuming high glucose foods. 

The Difference In Metabolism

To understand lipedema fat vs. normal fat, you must also be aware of the metabolic difference.

Lipedema is associated with a significant amount of fat being present on the lower body and arms. The type of fat tissue is practically unresponsive to weight-managing practices.

Other fat deposits in the body can be impacted by weight loss, unlike the hormone-induced fat tissue stemming from lipedema.

Can Lipdema Fat Be Treated Surgically?

Fortunately, lipedema fat can be treated surgically, thanks to the technological advancements in the cosmetic procedure space.

Elite Body Sculpture has a procedure that is especially adept at treating lipedema, using its patented AirSculpt technology to remove fat from the patient much more comfortably than any form of liposuction surgery.

While traditional fat removal processes depend on general anesthesia, large incisions, and other invasive elements, Elite Body Sculpture's AirSculpt® Lipedema Treatment doesn't. 

Patients stay fully awake during AirSculpt and experience less discomfort than liposuction because we don't use a scalpel, needle, or stitches to remove the excess tissue from your body, making it the most comfortable option in Las Vegas. Patients experience quick relief from lipedema-induced pain or discomfort and return to their everyday lives within a couple of days.

For more information about the AirSculpt technique, call our Las Vegas office to schedule your free consultation. 


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