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What is Axillary Fat, and How Can It Be Removed?

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Exposed arms can reveal extra folds of skin and tissue casually referred to as armpit or axillary fat. This isn't exclusive to the overweight. People of all weights, ages, and sizes can have excess fat around their chests and underarms. 

There's also the issue of tight clothes or bras pushing the skin up from around the chest, which can create the illusion of armpit fat.

Regardless of how this issue occurs, fat in the armpits is entirely normal. Here, we'll give you a clear idea of what causes axillary fat and how to treat it.

What is Axillary Fat?

Axillary fat is the excess adipose tissue that accumulates in the area around the armpits. It can create a bra bulge or "flabby" appearance when wearing tight-fitting clothing. This fat is often a source of frustration for those looking to improve their overall body shape.

What Causes Axillary Fat?

A Bra That Fits Too Tight 

Armpit fat is much more common in women than men, sometimes due to clothing. Tops or bras that are too tight can push the skin out of the garment, giving you the look of having breasts behind your back.

Still, we'll focus on health-related issues that can cause axillary fat, given that it tends to be the root of most causes.

Genetics Play A Significant Role

Body fat distribution tends to be mapped out by your genetics. For example, if your mother has wide and large hips, then it's likely that you'll have them too because of the genetic tendency of how your lower body fat is to be distributed.

That said, if your parents have a tendency to store extra weight in the torso or armpit, you likely have it too.

Weight Gain Is A Factor

If you're overweight and your genetics have a heavy tendency to distribute weight on the upper body, your fat will also likely be deposited around the armpits.

Therefore, efforts to lose weight, such as a nutritious diet and exercise, can help reduce armpit fat

Nonetheless, studies deem spot-reducing specific areas of the body is not possible. This means that you must lose fat throughout the whole body to reduce axillary fat, as the body cannot be directed to lose it in any one area.

Hormonal Fluctuations

Breast tissue is significantly sensitive to hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, or menstruation.

The altered production of estrogen or progesterone can cause your breast tissue to swell. During pregnancy, prolactin is released to enlarge the breasts to prepare them for milk production.

These hormonal changes can increase the amount of excess skin or fat in the body, enhancing your armpit fat, thus causing it to bulge when wearing certain clothes.

Axillary Breast Tissue Is A Relevant Factor

Axillary tissue refers to extra breast tissue in the area masquerading as armpit fat. Axillary breast tissue is breast tissue that is developed outside of the chest, generally occurring around the axilla or armpit area.

Here are some key differences between axillary tissue and armpit fat:

  • Axillary breast tissue feels fibrous compared to the softer feel of fat.
  • Glandular tissue responds more directly to changes in hormone levels, often causing people to confuse it for armpit fat.
  • Armpit fat does not change with hormones but responds to overall health and body weight.

What Can I Do To Reduce My Axillary Fat?

As highlighted above, spot-reducing fat is not possible. To lose armpit fat on your own, you must enter a calorie deficit via diet, exercise, or both, then wait for the effects to kick in throughout the body. 

If you seek a more direct, instant solution, armpit fat removal procedures are now abundant, given that excess tissue around the armpit is becoming more common.

Yet, not all people are comfortable with the idea of undergoing invasive surgery to get rid of armpit fat because they fear the risks associated with traditional forms of fat removal.

With Armpit and Underarm AirSculpt®, patients can permanently and precisely target axillary fat without general anesthesia, drastically minimizing the downsides of traditional liposuction.

AirSculpt® procedures do not use scalpels, stitches, or needles during treatment. Instead of using scalpel cuts, we use a biopsy punch to create a two-millimeter entryway from which underarm fat is extracted. The opening is so minute that it's naturally left to heal, leaving a mark the size of a freckle without using stitches. 

Everything is made possible by the power-automated AirSculpt device, a thin, rapidly vibrating tool that plucks fat delicately, cell by cell. The finesse provided by this patented technology reduces the risks of side effects while maximizing precision at the same time. Even if you have more fat under one armpit than the other, AirSculpt can seamlessly balance out your look. Better yet, downtime is just one to two days, unlike the weeks needed after traditional armpit liposuction. 

The next generation of body sculpting is here to help you get back to comfortably wearing tight-fitting clothes and regain confidence in your body.

Call our Austin office or one of our more than 27 body contouring offices across North America and Europe to begin a free consultation.


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