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Why AirSculpt® is Your Surefire Choice For Getting Rid of Fat Around the Pubic Area

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Although it is not often a topic of conversation, excess pubic fat is a much more prevalent issue than most would assume. This is the area under your belly, and for most women, fat pockets in the region usually become more noticeable after they have kids.

Let's understand what we can do for pubic area fat and the best way to get rid of it.

The FUPA: What You Need To Know

Pubic area fat is also known as "fat upper pubic area" (FUPA). It's the accumulation of excess fat cells between the area that is your lower abdomen and above the spot where your pubic hair grows.

More often than not, FUPA also causes the formation of loose skin that can create a pouch. FUPA isn't limited to women; both genders can be affected by it, yet the reasons can differ.

The Causes of the Fupa

To get rid of fat around the pubic area, you must understand what has caused it. A cause can be pregnancy, which creates loose skin and promotes the build-up of fat in the area. 

If you've gained a lot of weight, the skin around your abdomen will expand to accommodate the growing fat cells. If you quickly lose weight, the fat cells will shrink, but the stretched skin will not retract if the weight gain is significant.

Another cause can be an unhealthy lifestyle filled with excess calories and minimal activity, resulting in excess fat around the body. Genetics will also dictate where stubborn fat forms, meaning some unlucky individuals may be at or close to their ideal weight yet still struggle with a fat pocket in their pubic region.

Can Exercise And Diet Reduce FUPA?

Exercise and diet are optimal ways to reduce FUPA if the cause of it is excess fat. Loose skin can't be treated by these means because that solely depends on your skin's laxity. 

To burn off the excess fat, you must enter a caloric deficit through diet, exercise, or both. A caloric deficit is when you consume fewer calories than needed to maintain your current weight.

If you consume 500 fewer calories than your maintenance level daily, you can sustainably lose up to a pound of fat per week. It is also recommended to implement cardio exercises to burn extra calories if you don't want to depend solely on your diet for fat loss.

Pubic AirSculpt® As a Permanent Fat Removal Solution

If exercise and diet have not given you the results you're interested in, or the cause of your FUPA is related to loose skin, Pubic Area AirSculpt® can give you the desired contour and remove your excess fat with ease.

Pubic Area AirSculpt® is a minimally invasive fat removal process that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia, making it one of the most accurate and comfortable techniques in the city. 

As the most advanced pubic fat removal option in Austin, this technique permanently reduces fat with just 24 to 48 hours of downtime. Those dealing with laxity in the pubic area can seamlessly tighten their skin with AirSculpt® +, which provides instant results without making any new entry points. Rather than an invasive pubic lift combined with traditional liposuction, this approach delivers a sweeping change in one minimally invasive sitting. 

For more information about removing pubic fat for good with AirSculpt®, come to our Austin body contouring office to complete your first consultation. 


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