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Liposuction is a standard cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat from specific body areas.

One of the areas of the body that is generally under interest for treatment is the knees, given that losing fat in the area through natural means isn't viable. Liposuction serves as an alternate solution, given that the small collection of fat can be removed from the knees with precision.

Yet, knee liposuction is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, before undergoing the procedure, ensure you are well informed and have spoken to several physicians to form a clear picture of your options.

What is Knee Liposuction?

A quick search for "how to reduce knee fat" will quickly introduce you to the concept of knee liposuction. This surgical procedure is designed to remove excess fat from the inner knee. Patients tend to combine knee liposuction with thigh liposuction to maintain leg proportions, a concept also known as preserving the unit's cosmetic symmetry.

Liposuction results can be permanent if you maintain your weight, which is why any form of liposuction is generally recommended for those already within or near their healthy weight. No form of liposuction should be considered a weight-loss solution.

The knee liposuction process usually begins with anesthesia being administered to prevent pain. While general anesthesia that puts you to sleep is commonly used, specific knee liposuction variants use a local anesthetic.

The surgeon will then make small incisions around the inner knee to insert a small cannula that suctions the deposits' fat. Once the necessary amount of fat has been extracted, surgeons will close the incisions and cover the area with compression bandages to subdue swelling.

Alternatives To Invasive Knee Liposuction Surgery in Austin

The cosmetic surgery market is constantly changing. Traditional forms of liposuction and fat removal are being replaced with more advanced procedures where higher quality results are more common and less-invasive techniques are used.

One example of this would be Elite Body Sculpture in Austin, where they provide the city's most innovative form of knee liposuction. While traditional knee contouring uses painful elements like scalpels and needles, the minimally invasive AirSculpt® approach delivers better results while avoiding unneeded discomfort.

Knee AirSculpt® enables surgeons to permanently remove lower leg fat by the cell with patients wide awake. Entry points are only two millimeters wide and heal without needing stitches, and the mechanical nature of AirSculpt® provides superior finesse when sculpting delicate regions like the knees. Even if a patient's knees had prior asymmetries, our expert surgeon-artists and patented technology will remove the exact quantities of fat needed to deliver a toned, even look.

We're proud to offer the next generation of body contouring. Call our Austin office or any of our locations across the globe to conduct your free consultation. 


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