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Austin AirSculpt® Hip Flip™

Getting Rid of Hip Dips: Fat Removal vs. Including a Hip Flip™ Fat Transfer

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Hip Dips: What Are They and How They Form?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and seen little soft curves under your hips and on your thighs? These are called hip dips and are nothing more than small indentations on the sides of your hips. Nothing is medically unusual about them, but they can affect your image and, thus, self-confidence.

Hip dips are natural inward folds where the skin touches the deepest part of the thigh bone, the trochanter. 

They are also called violin hips because they resemble the curves of the instrument. These hip dips can be more or less pronounced, depending on the hips' width or the pelvis' shape.

They are sometimes more visible in people with a certain type of fat and muscle distribution, not to mention that they are more visible if you wear tight clothing, such as leggings.

Again, hip dips are not a risk to your health, but you have the right to live in your best body. There are several ways to get rid of hip dips, including cosmetic surgery and less involved routes. 

How Do You Get Rid of Hip Dips?

Correcting a dip on the sides of the thighs with surgery usually involves two different procedures: liposuction and fat grafting. You've probably heard of liposuction, but contrary to popular belief, it's not just about sucking fat out of a particular area. It is about reducing the amount of fat and changing the shape of the skin that contours the body.

Fat grafting involves taking fat from another body part and injecting it elsewhere. For example, a plastic surgeon may take fat from your stomach and inject it into your hip dips to form an hourglass figure.

Can You Remove Hip Dips With Fat Removal Alone?

Elite Body Sculpture's exclusive fat removal procedures, such as Outer Thigh AirSculpt® and the Love Handle AirSculpt®, are procedures that our patients have frequently used to obtain an hourglass figure.

For some patients, removing the fat above and below their hip dips can alone reduce the appearance of their indentations. By precisely evening out the two hills surrounding the "valley" that is the hip dip, we can deliver a permanent reduction in its visibility.  

While removing fat from the saddlebags and flanks can minimize the appearance of a hip dip, the key thing to know is that they aren't caused by excess fat; your genetics usually determine if you have a hip dip. How high your thigh bone rests is mainly responsible for the appearance of the indentations.

AirSculpt® Hip Flip™ Is The Best Procedure For An Hourglass Figure

The AirSculpt® Hip Flip™ is the optimal hip dip solution in Austin, utilizing precision and patented technology to ensure high-quality results without invasive surgical techniques. Patients stay wide awake as they naturally fill in the indentations on their sides. If desired, they can also remove love handle and outer thigh fat in the same process, accentuating their hourglass look.

As with all AirSculpt® fat transfer procedures, we don't use scalpels, stitches, drains, or needles, to graft fat from one area of your body to another. Our technique uses mechanical tools first to harvest high-quality fat, then place it cell-by-cell with an artistic touch to sculpt the hourglass shape. Patients seeking a modest hip enhancement and those who want a substantial yet natural change can personalize their results precisely to their preference.

Call our Austin office to schedule your in-person or virtual consultation to start working with us. 


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