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Nashville's Best Fat Transfer To The Hips: AirSculpt's HipFlip

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Hip dip surgery consists of getting rid of the indentations of the side of the hips to form a smooth, curved line from your hips to the thigh. 

Hip Dips: What Are They?

Female bodies are usually represented with a curve that goes out at the hip and contours back at the thigh. While it may be an image that has been sold to us as standard or the most desirable way to look, many people's bodies do not naturally look like that. 

Hips dips are the indentations found between your hips and thighs. They naturally occur when your hip sides are more tightly attached to the trochanter, a deeper part of your thigh bone. 

There's nothing anatomically wrong or medically-complicated with having hip-dips. Yet, for some, hip-dips are not aesthetically appealing, making them feel self-conscious.

What Is Hip Dip Surgery Like?

Hip dip surgery is a variation of fat redistribution surgery. This entails that fat is extracted from one part of your body and injected into the trochanter area.

The goal of this procedure is to smooth out the curvature of the hips. An alternative is removing the fat from the dip area to give you a more curvy silhouette. In some cases, surgeons do not opt for fat extraction but instead artificial fillers and silicone implants.

The steps of the procedure go as follows:

  1. The fat is suctioned from the body with liposuction. The most common areas to extract fat are the buttocks, stomach, or inner thighs. Incisions are made to form openings for fat removal.  
  2. The fat is then prepared for reinjection by inserting it into a device that spins as a means of purification.
  3. The fat is inserted into the hip area to contour a new shape. 

Downtime and Recovery For Hip Dip Surgery

You'll feel pain at the injection and incision sites for a couple a weeks after the procedure. Bruising will be persistent for two weeks or more as well. Hip dip surgery results are not noticeable right away. It takes up to six months for the fat graft to completely take effect.

AirSculpt HipFlip: The Optimal Solution

Traditional liposuction-based fat transfers are popular today, but that doesn't mean that they are flawless procedures. 

As you can see, it may take up to six months for your results to be noticeable, plus the procedure uses invasive incisions to begin extracting fat. Therefore, if you're looking for the best Nashville fat transfer to the hips, go to Elite Body Sculpture for the AirSculpt® HipFlip.

Our minimally invasive fat transfer procedure will give you immediate results without a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. Your downtime will only be 48 hours, meaning that you can get back to your routine without limitations.

Elite Body Sculpture Nashville: Go For It!

Elite Body Sculpture developed its patented AirSculpt® technology under the premise that making changes to your body shouldn't be a decision that has potential risks or negative consequences.

If you're looking forward to safe and precise fat removal, go to Elite Body Sculpture Nashville to begin your first consultation. 


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