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How This AirSculpt® Patient Got A Flatter Stomach and Curvier Hips All At Once

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The beauty behind AirSculpt® is enjoying dramatic results in multiple areas, giving your overall aesthetic a revamp that traditional surgery or noninvasive procedures won't be able to provide.

This is especially important for women that want to achieve an hourglass figure. There needs to be more than one area addressed, such as the midsection or the hips, to provide you with that classic silhouette. 

AirSculpt® procedures can help you achieve an hourglass figure because they pose no restrictions for simultaneously treating two or more areas.

Below, you can see how our featured patient has dramatically benefited from the Stomach AirSculpt®, Back Bra Roll AirSculpt®, and a Hip Flip™ in one procedure; she had the surface of her lower back smoothed out and created a more pronounced curvature on the hips.

What AirSculpt® Work Did She Get Done?

It's one treatment that compliments the other. With AirSculpt®, she removed fat from her stomach and middle back, then injected it into the indentations of her hips to create a more pronounced curvature and silhouette.

AirSculpt® fat removal can do such outstanding work because of the vast array of benefits and technology it implements:

  1. AirSculpt® fat removal procedures do not use general anesthesia, so patients are wide awake.

  2. No scalpels are used. Instead, a biopsy punch creates a perfectly symmetrical two-millimeter entryway from which fat can be extracted and transferred.

  3. The entryway is also used to drain the numbing fluid, thus reducing the swelling during your initial stage of recovery.

  4. Due to the lack of linear incisions, noticeable scarring isn't produced, only leaving a mark the size of a freckle. 

  5. Downtime is only 48 hours, which is excellent for patients with busy schedules.

Enjoy This Next-Generation Body Contouring Technology 

AirSculpt® procedures are designed to be the next generation of body sculpting, so patients can obtain outstanding results without resorting to invasive surgical techniques.

For more information on how we can help you, call one of our 25+ AirSculpt® locations worldwide to schedule your complimentary consultation with our fat removal and transfer experts.


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