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Butt Lifts in Atlanta—Where Does AirSculpt® Fall?

Butt Lifts in Atlanta

Improves lives and bodies with a minimally invasive technique that decreases swelling, pain, and downtime has become the true legacy of Elite Body Sculpture, the sole provider of AirSculpt® technology.

Combining so many different advantages into one procedure is not an easy task. It takes practice, precision, and extremely dedicated work to perfect people's contour while offering them a comfortable, luxurious spa-like experience. Here at Elite Body Sculpture Atlanta, we offer you this kind of experience.

We get thrilled when we see our patients before and after pictures and receive feedback that shows how our procedure is helping improve so many lives. Furthermore, we are excited to offer new solutions to those seeking a way to add that finishing touch to look how they already feel on the inside. 

Although Atlanta is widely known for its car-based culture, it was ranked the 14th city in terms of personal health in the U.S. This goes to show that many do care about their health and looking their best. We find this amazing. When you care for yourself, you want to give your mind and body the best. 

Many residents hit the gym and eat the right foods, and we aim to help those who want to look even more perfect. 

Having a round, smooth buttocks is any woman or man's dream, and we can make it come true with our unique Brazilan butt lift. We perform this treatment by removing fat from an unwanted area of the body like the belly or thighs and transferring it evenly to the buttocks, all while minimizing risks and side effects. 

Our group of Atlanta surgeons is made up of trained specialists that can flawlessly create the perfect contour that diet and exercise won't. 

An AirSculpt®  Power Brazilian Butt Lift is less invasive than regular butt lifts that insert an external object into your body, putting you at risk for developing autoimmune disorders for no reason. 

Using your own fat to define the perfect silhouette is the most natural way to see real results, all while staying wide awake since we never use risky general anesthetics. We perform this treatment by inserting a tiny-sized cannula in the area where the excess fat is located, soften the fat, suck it out, treat it with a closed-loop system, and finally distribute it into the buttocks with perfect balance. This technique leaves a mere freckle-sized scar behind that can barely be seen as opposed to the massive incisions required during liposuction. 

Many of you may be moms, employees, or even entrepreneurs — whatever the case may be, your time is limited. And getting traditional procedures can not only be painful, but extremely time-consuming. We don't all have an extra two to three weeks to recover from such invasive procedures.

With an AirSculpt® Brazilian butt lift, you can get back to work as soon as just 24 hours after the procedure. Downtime is minimal, and so is the discomfort. Most patients get back to their regular activities within one to two days. 


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