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Should I Gain Weight Before a BBL?

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Most women are happy to learn they can use their unwanted fat to augment their butts. But others become concerned about whether they have enough fat to use.

As a result, we commonly field questions like "Should I gain weight before a fat transfer?" It is not necessary to gain weight before a Brazilian butt lift to achieve the optimal results. This post will review all the reasons why this is the case.

Is Weight Gain Necessary For a Fat Transfer?

While having enough fat for a BBL is essential, understand that gaining weight before the procedure is not ideal.

Maintaining a constant, healthy weight before the Brazilian butt lift leads to more aesthetic results. 

Gaining weight for a BBL could lead to unsatisfying results and even increase the risks of health-related complications.

The Brazilian butt lift's goal is to shape your overall figure. Weight gain would go against that principle. 

When you gain weight, you can't control where the fat will show or whether it's useful for a Brazilian butt lift. Fat can sometimes develop around the organs or as intra-abdominal fat, which isn't accessible via liposuction.

Avoiding weight fluctuations after a BBL procedure is also crucial. This is because the transferred fat can change in size, potentially affecting the symmetry of your results.

Overall, there is no perfect weight for a BBL. A skilled plastic surgeon should be able to offer personalized advice regarding your specific body and aesthetic goals.

What If I Have Low Body Fat?

If you feel as if you lack fat for a Brazilian butt lift, do not worry.

Thanks to advances in surgical precision, most skilled surgeons can achieve a fuller, rounder shape using limited amounts of fat.

Advanced fat transfer methods like AirSculpt can gently collect fat from multiple areas to reach the needed amount. These body parts include the inner and outer thighs, arms, flanks, and abdomen.

The goal of a BBL is not only to increase buttock size. By smoothing out indentations and drawing in your waist, even a modest amount of fat can emphasize curves in the right areas for an hourglass effect.

Women with insufficient fat for a fat transfer can explore alternative options like synthetic injections or implants for butt augmentation. Nevertheless, we firmly maintain that an AirSculpt fat transfer to the butt is the best option for a natural and safe result. 

Knowing Your BMI Before a BBL

Your body mass index (BMI) measures your overall body fat about your height and weight. Knowing your BMI is essential, given that the higher it is, the more risks you could experience during surgery.

The optimal candidates for a Brazilian butt lift are at the near limit of their average weight (18.5-24.9) to overweight (25.0-29.9).

If your BMI is classified as obese, or 30.0 or above, you may be recommended that you lose a slight amount of weight to ensure a healthier recovery process.

Here is a table that explains whether you should get a Brazilian butt lift based on your BMI:

Being overweight can further complicate matters by affecting results. With weight gain, fat cells expand and can be less suitable for a BBL procedure. Smaller, healthier cells can result in better outcomes, as they are healthier, and a larger percent of the fat will remain in the buttocks.

Getting a BBL with a High BMI

BMI Range

Eligibility for BBL

Patient Status

Below 18.5

Not Always Eligible


18.5 - 24.9

Potentially Eligible, Consultation Required


25.0 - 29.9

Potentially Eligible, Consultation Required


30.0 - 34.9

Potentially Eligible, Consultation Required 


35.0 and above

Only with AirSculpt®


Getting a BBL with a High BMI

Procedures like those from AirSculpt® do not require a specific BMI for a BBL.

As our founder, Dr. Aaron Rollins, details in the video above, our fat transfer procedures have no BMI requirements. 

If there is enough fat to work with and you are eligible to undergo fat transfer surgery with local anesthesia, you can get an AirSculpt® BBL.

Take our Dallas patient, Precious, as an example. The procedure allowed her to slim down, recover quickly, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Since her AirSculpt® BBL, she has worked with a personal trainer and has adopted a more nutritious diet.

Results Maintenance Tips

After undergoing any Brazilian butt lift, maintaining your results is critical. 

Most patients adopt a healthier lifestyle after BBL surgery, committing to diet and exercise to maintain their results. 

Moreover, rapid weight changes will affect your results, altering the surgery's fat distribution. Try to maintain a stable weight post-op to ensure ideal results are preserved in the long term.

AirSculpt® has the Top BBL Procedure

AirSculpt® allows Windy City residents and 26 other cities to undergo Chicago's safest and most comfortable Brazilian butt lift.

Even if you're thin, AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ and its advanced technology can skillfully remove fat from intricate areas and effectively shape your buttocks.

We can also remove and transfer excess fat throughout your body without using invasive surgical techniques. Our patented buttocks fat transfer has the following benefits:

  1. We reduce risk and do not compromise quality by not using general anesthesia.

  2. Patients can slim down one body area and naturally augment their buttocks.

  3. The patented approach precisely removes and injects fat, significantly allowing you to customize your results.

  4. No linear scarring is created because we use a biopsy punch to form a perfectly symmetrical two-millimeter opening.

In terms of recovery, ours is much more efficient. It typically takes three to six months to fully see the results of a Brazilian butt lift during the recovery period.

With AirSculpt®, you'll only have two days of downtime and two weeks of refraining from exercise. 

AirSculpt®is designed to ensure a comfortable but life-changing experience. If you're interested in that, call our Chicago AirSculpt® office for your free consultation, or find the body sculpting center nearest you for more information.


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