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Jenny McCarthy Lost Her Spare Tire With AirSculpt®

jenny mccarthy

Sometimes, it's not an abundance of fat that stands in the way. 

Jenny McCarthy, best known as an actress, model, and currently a panelist on The Masked Singer, recently received an AirSculpt procedure to help with problem areas that began to arise post-pregnancy. 

As she shared with us before the procedure, her main concern had little to do with the number on the scale. Jenny has always been a relatively fit person, and she was mainly focused on the stubborn "spare" tire, often also called an apron belly, that formed around her belly once menopause hit. 

Why Jenny Decided on AirSculpt

Despite doing all the right things in the kitchen and increasing the length of her workouts, Father Time is unfortunately undefeated. In addition to her midsection, Jenny's hands had also begun to show signs of wear and tear due to a natural loss of volume with age, leaving her with what she calls "old lady hands."

When it came to finding a solution, Jenny tried nonsurgical procedures for her belly and Fractional C02 for her hands, but these approaches required multiple sessions to provide minimal results. 

After finding out about AirSculpt on social media and seeing people achieve dramatic changes with no needles, scalpels, or stitches and just 48 hours of downtime, she decided to try it herself. 

Jenny's Stomach AirSculpt+ and Hand Rejuvenation Results  

As you can see in Jenny's two-month before and after photos, she seamlessly regained her youthful glow with the patented AirSculpt approach!

With Stomach AirSculpt, Jenny remained fully awake as her stubborn belly tire was permanently removed. She complimented the fat removal process with skin tightening courtesy of Renuvion, which quickly firms the treated area through the same tiny, two-millimeter-wide entry points. 

Now only two months post-procedure, she enjoys dramatic results with only freckle-sized blemishes where the AirSculpting process took place, which will keep fading with time, where the entry points were made.

Opting for a Permanent Result Over Weight-Loss Injections

With so many celebrities opting for weight-loss injections like Ozempic, Jenny explained to US Weekly that she preferred a more long-lasting, effective treatment.

"I wanted a permanent solution to a targeted area with a bonus of fixing my hands — and that's what I got."

Ozempic has recently surged in popularity, but one of its main downsides is that weight can be easily regained, as People Magazine notes in its coverage of Jenny's procedure.   

With AirSculpt, by contrast, the concentration of fat cells is permanently reduced, and everything is one-and-done. Not only did Jenny remove stubborn fat, but she also transferred some to her hands to naturally restore lost volume.

For those needing a bit of extra skin tightening, as Jenny did, our AirSculpt+ add-on provides a perfect finishing touch, all done in a single, wide-awake sitting. 

Learn more about Jenny's AirSculpting journey and see her most updated before and after photos. 


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