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Is Kybella Permanent, and What About Chin AirSculpt®?

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Double chins can be a massive cause of insecurity for many adults worldwide. They can make one feel unflattering or disproportionate compared to the rest of their body.

Several cosmetic centers offer Kybella, a cosmetic treatment that can eliminate fat around the chin and neck, helping you feel much more attractive with several injections.

Is Kybella Permanent?

The question that usually arises is: will Kybella results last forever? Although many practices claim they are, as long as the patient works to maintain their results, the truth is that results are likely to degrade with time.

Kybella uses deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance within the body that breaks down and destroys fat cells. When injected into the chin, it can break down the excess fatty tissue in the area, giving you a slimmer upper neck and a more contoured jawline.

While fat is destroyed, that doesn't mean that your chin can't expand to the version it once was. We're born with a finite number of fat cells; therefore, we should dispel the myth that new fat cells are generated within our bodies when we gain weight.

When we gain weight, our fat cells expand; the opposite occurs when we lose weight – they shrink.

In a Kybella treatment, providers won't be able to destroy every fat cell in the targeted area, so there's still a possibility that your chin fat will return if you don't commit to maintaining your current weight. Furthermore, Kybella injections do not destroy every fat cell impacted by the injections. While some fat cells do die, meaning they will never grow back, many are simply prompted to empty their contents by the acid injection. This means that fat cells can quickly regrow after a Kybella injection, reversing the results of one's injectable treatment.

How Does a Kybella Treatment Work?

The deoxycholic acid is administered via small injections to the chin, impacting the fat cells. The acid opens the fat's membrane, emptying the fluid they store and causing them to shrink or die out completely. The fluid is flushed out of the body naturally, leaving you with a smaller chin.

It's essential to note that Kybella treatments require multiple sessions to be considered adequate, which is why most providers recommend six sessions, each one scheduled a month apart. This can cause the cost to quickly add up compared to one-and-done methods.

Chin AirSculpt® Provides Truly Permanent Results

While getting injections seems much more comfortable than undergoing traditional liposuction to slim down your neck and chin, the truth is that there's no beneficial trade-off.

Liposuction sometimes requires between three to six months of recovery for results to become apparent, while Kybella requires three to six months of treatments to obtain the desired results.

Instead of picking between a rock and a hard place, Chin AirSculpt® offers a minimally invasive form of fat removal that doesn't use traditional liposuction's surgical properties or require an extensive number of sessions like Kybella.

You can obtain a slim and youthful-looking chin in as little as 45 minutes without scalpels, needles, stitches, or general anesthesia. Better yet, this approach directly removes fat, cell by cell, through a tiny freckle-sized incision. There is no need for large liposuction cuts, yet we are still able to permanently sculpt the chin with only one to two days of downtime. 

To learn more or schedule a free consultation, call our Boston office or any of our AirSculpt® locations worldwide.


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